Former National Security Adviser John Bolton is about to publish a book. Right before it’s release, he “leaked” the manuscript to the New York Times. The newspaper ran with a story that Bolton claims Trump linked Ukrainian aid to investigations. Now, the president is firing back, big time.

John Bolton was fired by the president after a terrible run as National Security Adviser. He was called out for his desire for more conflict and war overseas, instead of finding peaceful resolutions to global problems.

Since his removal from the administration, Democrats have been eager to question the man. Not because he has anything of value to say, but because they hope he’s holding a grudge. They were unwilling to get him to testify, though, before the House’s impeachment inquiry. Only now, with the impeachment trial soon to be dismissed, are Senate Democrats demanding Bolton testify.

Big surprise, huh, that as the trial unfolds, this “bombshell” comes out. Left-wing paper, the New York Times, claims Bolton said Trump tried to link Ukraine’s aid to an investigation into Joe Biden.

The drama began earlier Sunday when the Times exclusively reported that Bolton’s manuscript included a claim that Trump explicitly linked a hold on Ukraine aid to an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden. [Source: Fox News]

We’re supposed to believe this, just because Bolton (a disgraced employee) and the New York Times (a biased paper with a history of lying) say so. There is no proof of this claim, just Bolton’s words. This, of course, contradicts what all the evidence thus far proves: that Donald Trump never pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Numerous other staff testified that Trump did not want a quid-pro-quo.

This story comes right before John Bolton’s book is released. You can see a clear scheme to muster up support for his book, in the hopes that anti-Trump Americans would be conned into buying it.

But there are plenty of things wrong with Bolton’s claim. If he was so eager to “expose” Trump, why did he hide behind the courts during the House inquiry? Why did he only express an interest to testify during the Senate trial—when witnesses aren’t normally questioned? How can he make such a wild claim, without providing a shred of evidence?

If you smell fake news in the air, you’d be right. As usual, the media is pushing a narrative with zero evidence or facts, hoping those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would just believe it because they want to.

President Trump had a few words for turncoat John Bolton.

Trump fired back on Twitter on Sunday to refute Bolton’s claims, saying he “NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens.” Trump went on to accuse Bolton of trying to “sell a book,” noting that Bolton did not complain publicly or privately about the aid holdup “at the time of his very public termination.” [Source: Fox News]

This isn’t the first former Trump staffer lying to sell a book. In fact, that seems to be a popular trend among these losers. They couldn’t cut it serving the president, so they want to trade on their name to sell books to anti-Trump leftists. But the claims they make in these books are quickly debunked. Bolton, like the others, is making a desperate cash grab while his name is still in the news.

He doesn’t seem to care what damage it will do to our country, as radical Democrats try to use this to undermine the duly-elected President of the United States.

Democrats in the Senate are already using this to demand witnesses in the trial. The House Democrats made a terrible case last week. They are hoping to erase all that, thanks to the convenient timing of this “revelation.”

But will this lead to witnesses in the trial? Will Bolton take the stand and be forced to back his words—under oath?

And what kind of witnesses will Trump’s team provide? Something tells me this will not work out well… for the left.

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