What a wild ride it’s been, but it looks like we’re coming close to the end. After months of accusations, secret hearings, and bogus “witnesses,” the left’s dishonest impeachment of Donald Trump is about to be finished. A key senator has signaled he won’t be voting for additional witnesses in the Senate trial. Which means acquittal might happen tonight. Nancy Pelosi—who staked her reputation on impeachment—started blasting. But it’s all over for the Speaker.

Let’s get the record straight: impeachment was never about addressing actual crimes committed by the president. It was about Nancy Pelosi and other do-nothing, establishment Democrats saving their jobs in the House. You see, a man by the name of Joe Crowley (a 10-term Democrat) was unexpectedly defeated in 2018 by an unknown socialist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As their party falls apart, long-time Democrats watch as radical extremists start coming after their jobs. Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and many others fear they will be replaced by similar socialists. So, they foisted this impeachment scheme on America, as a way of placating their liberal voter base. President Trump exposed the scheme himself in his December 17 letter to Nancy Pelosi.

In their rushed, incomplete, and pathetic attempt to get impeachment across the finish line, House Democrats neglected witnesses and evidence—especially any that proved Trump did nothing wrong. They voted to impeach along party lines, a clear sign this was all about politics.

Democrats demanded witnesses for the Senate trial—because they did such a poor job in the House. Many speculated if a few Republicans would break from the party and vote with the left. But one swing senator is signaling that witnesses will not happen.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., announced late Thursday night that he would not support additional witnesses in President Trump’s “shallow, hurried and wholly partisan” Senate impeachment trial, seemingly ending Democrats’ hopes of hearing testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton and paving the way for the president’s imminent acquittal as soon as Friday night. [Source: Fox News]

Alexandar torches the left’s impeachment, saying if it succeeded, future Congresses would use impeachment as a weapon to take down any president. With his support for acquittal, this nonsense might end tonight.

Nancy Pelosi, as you can expect, is having a meltdown. The entire reason she impeached Trump was to save her job. But if the Senate votes for a quick acquittal, her voter base will be livid. She tried to manipulate the Senate by withholding the articles. That failed. Now Republicans are calling out her crooked impeachment for what it is—soon to end it. So, the Speaker is blasting off with more wild accusations.

In scathing comments Thursday as her party appeared on the verge of defeat in the Senate impeachment trial, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that President Trump “cannot be acquitted”

… The San Francisco Democrat also fired on Trump’s impeachment defense team, saying they’ve “disgraced themselves” during this week’s trial and suggesting they deserve disbarment over their trial remarks. [Source: Fox News]

Pelosi is ranting like a maniac, accusing Republicans, Trump’s legal team, and the president himself of all sorts of things. It seems like anyone that doesn’t agree with her or does what she says is some kind of villain that needs to be punished. Honestly, Hitler in his last days was more coherent than this woman.

She’s claiming you cannot be acquitted with a trial. Already she’s claiming the Senate trial—which has lasted for weeks—isn’t real because of no witnesses. Except, the Senate trial doesn’t require witnesses. That was supposed to happen during the House inquiry. It was the House’s job to compile evidence, documents, and witness testimony.

If they wanted Bolton so badly, they should have followed the law and subpoenaed him. But they didn’t. They rushed this bogus impeachment and the Senate is seeing through their scheme.

When Trump gives his State of the Union address next week, he’s going to put the Democrats in their place. Nancy Pelosi will be sitting behind him as Speaker, for the very last time.


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