Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to the 54th Super Bowl. Struggling Democratic presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg, used it as an excuse to push his radical left-wing gun control agenda. He aired an ad that promoted his desire to strip away your Second Amendment rights–a move that cost him $10 million. But Americans were quick to tune him out.

Imagine being so desperate to undermine a Constitutional right, that you’d spend $10 million to promote it for a few seconds? That’s just what Mike Bloomberg did during the biggest sporting event in America.

Millions of Americans wanted to forget about the toxic 2020 Democratic primaries (and politics in general) to celebrate the Super Bowl. But billionaire Mike Bloomberg decided to spend some of his fortune raining on their parade.

During the broadcast, he aired a campaign commercial that pushed his plan to tighten American’s Second Amendment rights.

The ad cost Bloomberg $10 million and it pushed gun control in response to the 2013 shooting death of 20-year-old George Kemp.

Bloomberg’s ad did not mention a September 27, 2013, Houston Chronicle report that Kemp was shot just around midnight after allegedly pulling into a Richmond, Texas, neighborhood, calling an individual on his cell phone, and challenging him to a fight. [Source: Breitbart]

Bloomberg is a late entry into the Democratic primaries. He’s behind in the polls and hasn’t even qualified for a single debate. Not sure if he even has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning the nomination. You have to wonder what he thinks he can accomplish spending millions of dollars on pointless campaign ads.

What’s even crazier is how he’s trying to win over voters: by promising to take away Americans’ gun rights.

“Mini” Mike has spent millions in his effort to curtail our Second Amendment. He’s bought and sold state and federal politicians, so they’ll back radical gun control laws. Not satisfied, he’s decided to run for president, so he can make sure not a single American has the ability to defend themselves.

During the big game, he openly declared his intentions for all Americans to see. So, how did viewers react to Bloomberg’s gamble? Not well.

Mini Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl gun control ad was rejected by NRA members and top Democrat strategists as well…

NRA members, gathered at the Great American Outdoor Show, responded to Bloomberg by explaining that he has no say in the way they exercise their Second Amendment rights, especially when it comes to defending their own lives.

A black NRA member observed, “Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones.”

And a mother named Ashley Boop flatly rejected Bloomberg’s push as well. She said, “As a mother of three-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me. As a woman, I believe the best way to protect myself is with a firearm. [Source: Breitbart]

Pretty scary when you think about what Bloomberg (and other Democrats) are trying to do. If they have their way, Americans will have a hard time legally acquiring a firearm. Minorities, gays, and other citizens will be left defenseless.

Democrats claim they want to empower women. I’m sure Bloomberg claims he does too. Yet how is it empowering a woman by taking away her right to protect herself?

Even a top Democrat strategist slammed the self-righteous ad, criticizing Bloomberg for claiming to be a “leader of a movement.”

The only movement he’s leading is a head-first plunge into violence and crime. Bloomberg thinks with his billions he can force Americans into voting for him.

He thinks his money is what qualifies him to run our country. What we think or want doesn’t matter to him. All that matters is that he gets his way.

Something tells me he’s going to soon learn, it doesn’t work that way.

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