The Democrats were on display as full-blown villains during last night’s SOTU address. As the president celebrated our prosperous nation, the left sat like stones, unwilling to acknowledge anything. Senator Lindsey Graham had some harsh words for anyone that opposed the president’s speech.

President Trump’s State of the Union address was a powerful reminder of what’s possible when our leaders put Americans first. Trump laid out the many victories of his administration—and the many more to come.

The speech was also a powerful reminder that there is one party devoted to ruining all this prosperity and progress. As Donald Trump spent the last three years making good on his promises, the Democrats have abused their power to stop him. They called themselves “resistance” right after he was elected. Then they rushed to the courts to undermine his executive orders. When they got a slim majority in the House, they tried to remove him from office with a bogus impeachment.

It’s clear that Democrats aren’t too concerned with the well-being of Americans. They only want to return us to the status quo of years past. A time when corrupt, insider politicians controlled our government. A time when our leaders bowed to the will of lobbyists and globalists, leaving us in the dust. You know, when Obama was in charge!

The president laid out many wonderful achievements and gave some big announcements during the speech. The Democrats refused to respond.

When Trump gave the pronouncement that the state of our union is stronger than ever before, Democrats sat. When Trump celebrated record low unemployment for disabled Americans, Africa-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans, they sat. When Trump announced the USMCA deal, they sat. Even when Trump discussed the historically low unemployment for women, the Democrats refused to celebrate.

(Even as liberal women wore all white, as some kind of statement for womankind.)

The president took the time to especially call out the scourge of socialism and communism. Naturally, Democrats were not pleased. At a time when Trump’s capitalist policies are helping pull millions out of poverty, Democrats are lurching to the far-left to embrace a system that has failed all over the world.

When Trump condemned socialism, the Democrats sat stone-faced and angry. After so many years fighting communism around the world, liberals want to import directly into our country.

Senator Lindsey Graham offered a harsh rebuke for the left.

“President Trump is well on his way to getting reelected,” Graham continued. “And AOC is probably glad she didn’t come because if you’re a committed socialist, this speech was a speech from hell because it talked about freedom, the power of the individual versus the power of government. He talked about prosperity for all best achieved through economic growth, lower taxes, less regulation. This is a speech a socialist could not stand.” [Source: Breitbart]

The bitterness Democrats possess has prevented them from cooperating once with the Trump administration. We know that numerous times over the years, the president has offered the left a chance to make a deal. How have they responded? Once, they shut down the government. On many occasions, they’ve walked out of meetings.

Democrats have sat back and refused to come to any agreement with Trump, the man who wrote the book on dealmaking. They prove, time and again, that they will sit back and do nothing, as Americans suffer.

President Trump has done the impossible in such a short amount of time. He has made good on promises that seemed totally out of reach, just a few short years ago. His SOTU speech was a testament to what’s possible when our president rejects corrupt politics and puts the people first.

Apparently, Democrats really, really hate that. That want a president that pushes a toxic, far-left agenda, while embracing corporations over people.

Something tells me plenty of those that sat last night, won’t be back for next year’s SOTU.

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