“…this was really an avoidable error that shot the party in the foot…”

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang criticized the Democratic party at a CNN town hall for the Democratic candidates over the catastrophic Iowa caucuses.

“Did you offer some help with math to the Democrats in Iowa this past week?” joked CNN’s Don Lemon.

“Oh my gosh, one reason I am pumped to be here in New Hampshire is you all are going to vote February eleventh, and do you know when we’re going to find out the results? February eleventh!” Yang responded.

“So I guess that’s a no?” joked Lemon.

“I feel for the Democrats and the people of Iowa, but the fact is this was really an avoidable error that shot the party in the foot,” replied Yang.

“And it’s going to be harder to convince Americans that we can entrust massive systems with government if we can’t count votes on the same night in a way that’s clear, transparent, and reliable.”

Yang’s critique mirrored how many conservatives responded after the embarrassing debacle that manifested the incompetence of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Results from the caucuses were delayed until the party admitted that there was a massive failure in its process to collect and verify the vote counts. On Tuesday, only partial results were released, causing more angst among Democratic leaders and voters.

Here’s the video of his comments:

Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: The Blaze: Andrew Yang admits Iowa caucus catastrophe will make it tougher for American voters to trust Democrats with power

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