The 2020 primaries have not gone well for Joe Biden. Some considered the former vice president a shoo-in for the nomination. It hasn’t worked out that way for him. With scandals and controversies haunting him, he had a terrible performance in Iowa. Now, he announces a “day off.” It could be the beginning of the end.

Regardless of how the mess that is the Iowa primaries turn out, it won’t be good for Joe Biden. As of this writing, they are finally getting all the votes tabulated. It looks like Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are claiming the top spots. Joe Biden? He got a total of zero delegates. Ouch.

You can’t blame that on an app glitch, buddy.

Things aren’t looking better at the next primary spot, New Hampshire. According to various polls, Bernie Sanders is leading Biden from anywhere between six to eight points. Close, but still, pretty bad. The actual results might be much worse, considering how Iowa turned out (few polls called it correctly).

Joe Biden should have been nominee, right? Way back in 2016, he was a favorite to run. But, I guess he was too afraid of Hillary Clinton to throw his hat in the ring, back then. This time around, it should have been a cakewalk. All of the other leading candidates were hard-left socialists with terrible plans for the country.

Biden is considered a “moderate” with the closest chance at beating Trump. Hell, he was Obama’s vice president, for crying out loud. Why wouldn’t his party bow down to him?

But not even Obama was willing to endorse the man. Add to that those early controversies regarding how he treats women. Then there’s this whole Ukraine scandal, where many Americans still wonder if he pressured an entire country to save his son’s job.

Now, as the big loser in Iowa, his prospects not looking great in New Hampshire, it seems ol’ Joe might already be throwing in the towel.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking a day off campaigning and, it seems, flying home to Delaware, just days out of the New Hampshire primary, where he’s slated to come in second, at best.

The Washington Post’s Matt Viser reported Thursday morning that Biden’s campaign has no events planned for New Hampshire on Thursday and that a charter plane, presumably carrying Biden, flew from Manchester, NH, back to Biden’s home state late last night, indicating that Biden is cooling his jets as a New Hampshire loss looms…

Biden may be doing some soul-searching instead of flesh-pressing Thursday, amid reports that his campaign is in upheaval, with senior staffers in a panic over Biden’s fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [Source: Daily Wire]

Things aren’t looking great for the former vice president. According to reports, he does not have any major campaign plans for New Hampshire before the primary. His plane was spotted flying back to his home state. Is Joe mulling the future of his campaign?

No Democrat candidate has ever won the nomination without New Hampshire and Iowa. The momentum from those caucuses is just too great to overcome. There are many more delegates for Joe to snag, but is he really up for the battle that will continue?

I’m guessing no. Biden reluctantly jumped into the campaign. He has never seemed all that eager to debate, host rallies, or even answer questions. Maybe he thought this was an obligation? Somebody had to beat Trump, right?

But after his embarrassing loss in Iowa, he might be rethinking things. Why go through so much more hell, just to lose to someone like Pete Buttigieg?

This day off just might stretch out into a permanent vacation.

Not that I’m pulling out my hankie over this guy.

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