The Democrat’s impeachment schemed failed, but the story is far from over. For months the Democrats colluded to remove the president from office. They enlisted the help of partisan swamp dwellers who tried to throw Trump under the bus. Did they think after all this, it was business as usual? Hardly. The president has started to clean house, starting with this much-deserved hack.

We don’t have to go over the pathetic way Democrats tried to remove Donald Trump–but I’m going to anyway. Much like the Russia hoax, the left orchestrated a manufactured narrative to frame the president. A “whistleblower” filed a bogus complaint about a phone call Trump made with the president of Ukraine.

The left had no real evidence to prove Trump pressured Ukraine to help him. So, they got hacks who had sworn to serve the president to stab him in the back. People who were actually on the call were ignored, while House Democrats brought in “witnesses” who simply gave their opinions.

One of those witnesses was a Lt. Colonel who served on the National Security Council. Although he was serving a civilian post, Alexander Vindman appeared before the House in his Army uniform in a pathetic attempt to give himself credibility. The man turned on the president, claiming–with no evidence–that Trump tried to extort a quid-pro-quo from Ukraine.

Like the rest of the Democrats’ show trial, he just served as a puppet to frame the president. The House used his “testimony” (and that of other hacks) to charge Trump with bogus non-crimes.

Now that the Senate cleared Trump’s name, Democrats hoped the president would turn the other cheek. Not quite. He’s firing the people who worked within the White House who testified against him. The first on the chopping block was Vindman. After his dismissal, Trump called out the man for the hack that he is.

President Donald Trump responded to criticism of his firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, tweeting Saturday that the former White House aide was “insubordinate” and “had problems with judgment.”

Trump continued that the officer “was given a horrendous report by his superior … who publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgment, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Like so many other clowns working for the left, Vindman was a serial leaker. I guess Democrats don’t understand what “classified” or “a matter of national security” means. Vindman was called insubordinate by his superior and had “problems with judgment.” How this idiot made his way to the National Security Council is beyond me.

Those within the military that trained alongside Vindman have gone on to say that the man couldn’t be trusted. They said he would show off when the spotlight was on him, but was a slacker when nobody was watching. He was a “chow thief” (big surprise). And his peers tried to vote him out of their class.

Not the best and the brightest by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder how he could have survived at all in the military–unless of course, this went on during Obama’s administration, when incompetence was celebrated.

The truth is, Trump had every right to fire Vindman. He served in the White House, yet worked against the president. Can that be acceptable under any circumstances? When has that kind of behavior been tolerated in our government? Yet the Democrats wanted Trump to sweep their underhanded scheme to throw our country into chaos under the carpet.

I’m glad Vindman was fired, along with his brother and Amb. Sondland. These men were career government flunkies–who cared more about their positions with the liberal elite than with serving the country. They sold out their scruples to distort the truth–all to prop up a bogus impeachment.

Hopefully, the rest of the swamp will face the same kind of fate.

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