The 2020 Democratic primaries have lurched from one disaster to another. This week, signs point to a possible brokered convention in the summer. Not a single candidate seems to be gaining momentum, with many falling by the wayside every hour. In classic fashion, Trump took a dig at the party by declaring whom he’d want to run against.

Democrats are panicking right about now. Why? Because the only viable candidates currently in the primaries have far-left leanings. Joe Biden, who continues to lose, was considered the only moderate in the bunch. Liberals hoped he would be able to muster support among enough Democrats and independents in order to defeat Trump.

That ain’t happening. Unless Biden can pull out a miracle in South Carolina or Nevada, he’s toast.

Bernie Sanders continues to win delegates, despite the establishment’s best efforts. Coming up close behind him is Pete Buttigieg, whose policies are only slightly less socialist. Everyone else racking up delegates at the moment has more in common with Karl Marx than they do George Washington.

Do you think these folks have what it takes to snag the general election? I think not. Which is why Democrats all but begged “moderate,” gun-hating Bloomberg to become a late entry into the race. He didn’t qualify for Iowa or New Hampshire, but the mini-billionaire thinks he can take the top prize.

But who does Trump want to run against this November? Recently, he revealed all, dropping the gauntlet on the party.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’d rather run against former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg than Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race.

“Frankly I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders because Sanders has real followers,” Trump said, adding, “He has followers, Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.”

Trump said that Bloomberg would spend millions of dollars to win, but questioned his ability to win the primary.

“Look he’s a lightweight, you’re going to find that out, he’s also one of the worst debaters that I’ve ever seen,” Trump said. [Source: Breitbart]

The president dropped some serious shade on Bloomberg, saying he’s only buying his way into the party.

That’s pretty much a fact. Bloomberg has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in ads across the country. He thinks he can contend with the other candidates, despite not appearing in one debate and generally polling too low.

Trump torches Bloomberg by suggesting Bernie Sanders has supporters–and Mini Mike doesn’t.

The largest Democrat events are for Sanders–who recently had 7,500 people attend a rally. But those numbers still pale in comparison to Trump’s rallies, where tens of thousands show up (and have to fill the overflow areas).

Does Trump really fear a Sanders candidacy? Most likely no. Sanders may have his rabid supporters, but they do not represent most Americans. Sanders appeals to the most extreme, far-left communists in the country. Many of his volunteers celebrate Soviet Russia. Some even consider themselves full-on anarchist.

(You have to wonder why anarchists are helping a politician, but hey–you gotta earn your pot money somehow!)

Sanders can win over lazy, do-nothing 20-somethings with the promise of free stuff. But the vast majority of voters are hard-working Americans. Right now they are enjoying better wages and more opportunity–because of Trump’s pro-America, pro-capitalist policies.

Will voters–even Democrats–throw that all away for Bernie? He’s already promising massive tax hikes, bloated government programs, and crippling regulation. If he were elected, the economy would go down the toilet.

Bloomberg wouldn’t be much better. As mayor of New York, he put the rich and powerful ahead of regular residents. He’d be no different than any other career politician, who would sell their soul for lobbyists and globalists.

And these are the best candidates in the Democratic Party! Do they really think they stand a chance against Trump?

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