Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg declared that Americans need to “get behind” President Donald Trump because “the public has spoken” on ABC’s “The View” in 2017.

Bloomberg added during the segment that “you have to make it work” and urged viewers to give Trump a chance to run the country. He noted that people could protest policies they didn’t like, but said “in the end, the public has spoken, whether you like the results or not.”

“That’s my country. That’s my kids and grandkids,” Bloomberg said. “You have to make it work. We have an election — whoever wins, you got to get behind.”

“He’s our president, and we need this country to be run well. I didn’t vote for him. Let’s just all hope that Donald Trump is a good president of the United States.”


The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s 2017 comments stand in stark contrast to his Tuesday attack on Trump. Bloomberg said Trump has “divided us with racist appeals and hateful rhetoric.”

“The challenge of the moment is clear: we must confront this President and do everything we can to defeat him,” Bloomberg said in a statement Tuesday. “The President’s attack on me clearly reflects his fear over the growing strength of my campaign.”

Author: Shelby Talcott

Source: Daily Caller: Flashback: Bloomberg Called For Americans To ‘Get Behind’ Trump In 2017

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