The Democrats bet the House (literally) on impeaching Donald Trump before the 2020 election. To say it failed spectacularly is an understatement. President Trump is stronger than ever, with rising approval numbers and a re-election war chest. So, what is a failing party to do to save their bacon? The only thing they can do: impeach again!

It’s hard to believe that the Democratic Party is run by professional adults with years of experience. If you’ve only started following politics in the last few years, you’d think they were all idiotic amateurs. Donald Trump’s presidency is so successful, it has turned politicians with decades under their belts into spoiled, petty brats.

Perhaps the worst of them is Nancy Pelosi. She promised the country she would not back impeachment. That was a lie. She then went on to support the most ridiculous, unfounded, and flimsy impeachment case in our nation’s history. It only took the Senate a few weeks to vote it down by a large margin.

The aftermath of the Democrats’ attempt to impeachment Trump has been huge… for Trump. As Democrats wasted time and money trying to remove him from office—using conspiracy and rumor (not facts)—he was still winning for the American people. The country watched one party bicker and lie, and another score trade deals and wipe out terrorists.

Not a surprise the president is stronger than ever before. On top of that, the 2020 primaries have been a crap show for the Democrats. So far, the winning candidates are far-left socialists (who can’t beat Trump) and untested nobodies (who can’t beat Trump). Their only hope is if Bloomberg steals the nomination through million-dollar ad buys. Which would only lead to a contested convention.

Perhaps that is why, against all sound judgement, o’ Nance is considering more impeachment investigations.

You just can’t make this up.

House Democrats facing an election in nine months are grappling with whether to pursue further investigations of President Trump following his acquittal in the Senate and fresh White House actions that they say demand scrutiny.

Democrats want to look into whether the president improperly influenced the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for a Trump confidant, casting Trump as emboldened by the end of the impeachment process…

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Democrats were trying to “manufacture more ‘investigations.’” She said: “At some point, you’d think they would take a page out of the president’s book and devote themselves to working for the country, but I guess not.” [Source: Fox News]

Please, Democrats, wrongly investigate Trump some more. Because, you know, it worked out so well for you the last time! The Democrats impeached Trump over vague non-crimes that were not backed by real evidence. Every last American with a brain believed Trump was innocent.

Now, after LOSING, Pelosi and co. want to impeach him… over a tweet!

They seem to think President Trump complaining about the sentencing against Roger Stone is somehow the same as meddling with the Justice Department. They are forgetting that the DOJ works for President Trump. And that Trump can simply pardon Stone, eliminating this entire thing immediately.

Are Democrats so stupid that they’d accuse Trump of breaking the law, just because he expressed himself online? Do they not know about the First Amendment? Are they really so stupid that they’d impeached him over something every American does every day of their lives?

You have to wonder who is making the decisions within the Democratic Party. The people who advised Nancy Pelosi to impeach Trump the first time should have been fired. But whoever is recommending they investigate him against should be fired… from a catapult!

But by all means, Nance, investigate and impeach Trump again. There are only nine months until the general election. By then, Trump will have such a huge lead, your party will just surrender in defeat.

There might not even be a Democratic Party left.

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