The 2020 Democrats continue to struggle to make up an argument that will beat Trump. So, the former president, who left America in shambles, tried to pinch hit. Obama posted a tweet where he tried to take credit for the current economic boom. President Trump struck back with a few inconvenient facts.

Are your liberal friends telling you the economic boom we’re seeing now was Obama’s doing? Of course, not, liberals refuse to be friends with Trump supporters.

But from media “experts” to desperate Democrats, the left is claiming Obama’s job-killing policies helped create the amazing economic turnaround that started the day Trump was elected president.

In fact, Obama himself tried to take the credit for what Trump did, by pointing to a terrible piece of legislation he signed early in his first term

Why is Obama talking about a piece of legislation from 2010? People forgot about the Recovery Act as soon as he signed it. It’s because all the far-left Democrats running for president can’t promise an economy better than Trump’s. So, Obama’s trying to help them out by saying he’s the one that turned the economy around by signing the Recovery Act.

But what did this act do? Nothing, but dump trillions of dollars into… wait for it… government agencies. Yep, that’s right. The “Recovery Act” spent an insane amount of taxpayer dollars on wasteful government organizations. And in just three short years, all these agencies were out of money and facing a government shutdown (which happened the next year).

What did Obama do to the economy? Not help it! His Obamacare raised taxes and damaged our health care industries. His massive environmental regulations crippled countless companies, forcing the United States to buy energy from foreign nations (mostly Middle Eastern countries). Everything Obama did was about punishing private businesses and taking more money from the American workers.

(Meanwhile, he rewarded illegal aliens who took American jobs.)

Does that sound like a winning, economic strategy? Of course not.

It’s pretty pathetic that Obama had to get out and do this. But it shows you how weak and useless the Democratic Party has become. They need Obama to tweet out this bald-face lie, just to save face. But the current president wasn’t having any of it.

President Trump blasted Obama for trying to take credit for his recovery. He reminded America that, had a Democrat won in 2016, we’d be screwed.

But how did Trump turn around the economy? In many ways. First, he passed an executive order that slashed government regulations. Government regulation is called “stealth tax” and hurts businesses. For every new regulation an agency created, they got rid of 100 old ones. And let’s not forget how Trump signed the 2017 tax cuts into law. Both those moves jumpstarted our flagging economy.

Add to that Trump’s cost-saving measures across the government. He’s landed numerous trade deals that have brought jobs and investments into the United States. We are now, for the first time, energy dominant in the world.

Perhaps biggest of all, his immigration enforcement has protected American workers and forced companies to raise wages, to keep good workers.

That’s just for starters. Obama did nothing compared to what Trump’s done. Yet he and the fake news want you to think it was all Obama’s doing (the same man that once said lost jobs weren’t coming back).

But that doesn’t even change the fact that every last Democrat running for office will tank Trump’s economy.

From Buttigieg to Sanders, they promise to raise taxes, cripple innovation, create massive government regulation, and open the illegal alien floodgates. They want to burden taxpayers with “Medicare for all,” which will cost you trillions.

Does any of that sound like “paving the way for economic growth?”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

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