Thanks to the Democrats’ super majority in California, the state has experienced a free fall. Major cities are overrun with filth and homelessness. President Trump has frequently criticized the state’s leadership for failing on the basics. Now, facing a huge event, the president is giving them a stern warning.

For years, Democrats have been demanding Americans give them more and more power. They promise the moon, if only they have control of our Congress, the White House, and local government. But what do Democrats do, once they’re elected to office?

From what I can tell, not much! Not much good, at least.

All we have to do is look at Democrat-controlled cities and states to get a glimpse of what would happen if they ran everything. West Coast states have been dominated by majority Democrat governments for years. And they have become the poster children of epic failure.

Democrats have a super majority in California’s state government. Their largest cities are run by Democrats. Yet these numbskulls can’t even provide basics like safe, clean streets. Thanks to Democrat policies like legalized drugs and low criminal enforcement, California cities are worse than third world countries.

(Don’t believe me? Los Angeles is overrun with the Medieval plague. You won’t see that anywhere else.)

President Trump has been a harsh critic of California Democrats. Of course, they’ve ignored him. Now, a development is forcing the city to actually wake up and do its job. If they don’t, the president will be forced to step in.

On Tuesday, meeting with the Los Angeles Olympic committees to discuss the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, President Trump bluntly warned the city’s leaders that their ineptitude regarding the homeless situation won’t be tolerated, asserting that if Los Angeles doesn’t “clean it up fast,” the Trump administration would.

As The Associated Press reported, Trump said, “If they can’t do it themselves, we’re going to do it. The federal government is going to take it over, we’re going to do it.“ [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh, God! Who decided to host the 2028 Olympic games in Los Angeles!? Honestly, there are hundreds of better cities in this country. Why did they pick the one with crisis-level homelessness?

The city now has a ticking clock to clean up its act. Something tells me the millions of people who want to attend the Olympic games won’t like skirting around the shanty towns that clog the streets. Do you think guests from Europe and Asia would be happy to get assaulted by meth addicts? I don’t think so.

President Trump has frequently called on California’s leadership to clean up its act. The homeless crisis is so bad, because they’re encouraging drug addiction and made it illegal for cops to clear homeless from public property.

Add to that their sanctuary policies (and weak stance on crime), L.A. is quickly becoming a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

(At least all those rich liberals can hide from it in their gated communities.)

President Trump isn’t joking about doing it himself. If he needs to get the federal government involved, he will. And if Democrats think that will bring no consequences, think again. In the past, Trump has cut federal funding from states that embrace sanctuary policies. Imagine what he’d do to California, if he had to step in and fix their homeless fiasco?

Something tells me Gov. Newsom won’t be too happy if they lose all their federal dollars. Perhaps voters won’t be too happy either?

Regardless of what the Trump administration does, the answer is clear. California needs to rid itself of its toxic, corrupt, and do-nothing Democrats. They need to vote these clowns out of office and replace them with leaders that put the people first.

But it might be a long time before that happens.

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