Democrats directly oppose Trump’s immigration reform, claiming the president is cruel and uncaring. Their option? Open borders that encourage illegal immigration and smuggling. But a new report has come out that reveals the ugly truth about what the drug cartels are doing. Democrats won’t want to see this.

Despite the media’s utter lack of coverage, the Southern border is getting under control. The days of hundreds of thousands of migrants bombarding our border, demanding asylum is over. That is in no smart part thanks to Trump’s dogged stance on border protection. He’s building the wall and getting Mexico to help—despite Congress’s continued obstruction.

Since Donald Trump first announced his plans to build the border wall (and reform our broken immigration system), Democrats have opposed them. They try to use emotion to manipulate the issue. They accuse Trump of being a racist and say that their policy of looking the other way as illegals flood our country is “compassionate.”

The reality? Democrats encourage illegal immigration because they hope these people will help sway elections in their favor. They don’t seem to care how much illegal immigration damages the jobs market for union workers—the people Democrats claim to represent.

It’s no secret the kind of damage illegal immigration does to our country, even contributing to deaths. But there is another group of victims the left’s sanctuary policies are ignoring: children.

Mexican cartels are using children to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border into the United States and vice versa, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

Fox News reported that American children as young as 12 have been recruited by the cartels – and the problem is getting worse. In fiscal year 2018, about 36 children were arrested for narcotics-related offenses at Arizona’s points of entry. The next year that number increased to 57. There have already been 17 arrests in fiscal year 2020…

Silva explained to the outlet that children are used to throw off law enforcement, but once kids started getting caught, the cartels use the elderly and pregnant women before switching back to children. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats have yet to explain how their open borders policy is going to stop the flood of drug cartels entering our country. These criminals have taken over Mexican border towns and use our border like a revolving door.

Now, they are recruiting kids as young as 12 to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border, back and forth.

Gee, if there was only a way we can stop these drug runners from so easily getting over the border? Oh, well, I guess there is no solution to the problem!

That must be the Democrats’ M.O. these days. Their policies have led to rampant homelessness across liberal states. But all these con artists can do is shrug and go, “Oh, well!”

It’s almost as if… they want the instability and disarray rampant homelessness, illegal immigration, and drug crime creates.

But why would politicians want their communities falling apart? The only reason is that a city, state, or country in ruins is easy to control and manipulate. Perhaps people harassed by years of poverty and crime would willingly give up their rights for a shred of order?

Pretty much how every socialist regime is created?

Don’t be fooled. Democrats know full well what the drug cartels are doing. These monsters use up human lives, tossing them out when they are no longer useful. How many children lives need to be destroyed before Democrats start to act?

Probably way more than we can afford. The only solution is to elect leaders that will put Americans first and actually protect our communities.

Leader that will support Border Patrol and the wall.

Until we do that… these drug cartels will continue to have free reign.

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