Thursday, Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer declared President Donald Trump the winner of the Las Vegas Democratic presidential debate.

Steyer argued that the “bickering” among candidates seen during the debate was “tearing each other down” rather than focusing on beating Trump in 2020.

“What did you see in the debate last night?” host Alisyn Camerota asked.

“Well, I saw the person who won the debate last night, whose name is Donald Trump,” Steyer replied. “That’s the first thing I’d say. I think that the person –”

Camerota interrupted, asking, “And what you mean by that? How did Donald Trump win?”

“Because I saw so much bickering between Democratic candidates tearing each other down and going after each other and forgetting the fact that what really counts is beating Donald Trump in November of 2020,” the billionaire outlined.

Steyer added, “I saw people going after each other’s personality and records instead of remembering that, in fact, the Democratic Party needs to win in November.”

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Author: Trent Baker

Source: Breitbart: Steyer on Latest Dem Debate: ‘I Saw the Person Who Won the Debate Last Night Whose Name Is Donald Trump’

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