Over the past few days, Bernie Sanders has been quoted praising the murderous regime of Fidel Castro. Even after the backlash came at him thick and fierce, he doubled down on his statements, even praising other communists. Well, there are plenty of Americans who don’t share his sentiments. His love of Castro has even inspired the City of Miami to fight back.

You have to wonder how a man running for president could praise a communist dictator. But now, after all these years, we are seeing Sanders’ true colors. He’s no “Democratic socialist” (if there even is such a thing). He’s a full-blown communist.

His plans for America involving taxing us into the dark ages and taking over major industries. That’s communism. If that wasn’t convincing enough, consider what he said about communist dictator, Fidel Castro. Even though Castro was a corrupt, murderous, power-hungry monster, Sanders ignore all that to praise the man. Sanders tried to paint the communist in a good light by saying he helped improve literacy rates in Cuba.

Um… what? Don’t we teach kids how to read, already? Why would communism be necessary for a basic thing like that? Did Sanders really forgive all the evil Castro committed, because of reading?

When faced with backlash, Sanders only doubled down on his praise of the dead tyrant. Not only that, but he went on to praise communist China for lifting people out of poverty. After, of course, they killed millions who opposed them.

Is this man insane? Why does he keep praising murderous regimes? Doesn’t he have anyone else to compare his leadership to? Nope!

Now something truly unexpected has occurred.

The City of Miami responded to socialist Bernie Sanders’ pro-communist remarks from Sunday night by announcing on Monday that the city is officially sponsoring an anti-communism concert to celebrate freedom.

“Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo don’t agree on much these days, but they were in lockstep Monday in promoting an ‘anti-communist concert’ set for April 11 at the James L. Knight Center downtown,” The Miami Herald reported. “In fact, all of the city’s elected officials agreed: The commission voted 5-0 to co-sponsor the event at the city-owned Knight Center and said the city would waive up to $21,500 in rental costs, broadcasting fees and police and fire services.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The city’s already booked 22 artists to perform, including well-known Cuba American performers. You know Sanders did something wrong when his comments inspired liberals and conservatives to come together against him!

In this day and age, it’s very hard for Democrats and Republicans to see eye-to-eye. It seemed like nothing could bridge the gap. But we just found something: hating the insane comments of communist-loving radical Bernie Sanders.

Democrats and Republicans across the country are opposed to his brand of extreme, far-left socialism. Sanders wants a massive government takeover of major American institutions, including health care and energy production. He wants to burden Americans with heavy taxes. And when confronted on his plans, all he can do is compare himself with his “heroes,” communist Cuba and China.

The anti-communist concert will help political prisoners in Cuba. All the artists have promised to play free of charge. Any proceeds will be used to confront real communism, front and center.

This is a remarkable turn of events. I’m sure Sanders was hoping for Democrats to bow their knees to his ridiculous agenda. But just because he’s won a few early states in the primaries does not mean he’s got this thing all tied up.

His recent comments come at the very worst time for his campaign. With Super Tuesday around the corner, I’m thinking more than a few voters might shy away from this Castro-loving maniac.

If they don’t… I can’t imagine the Democrat will be in power much longer.

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