No matter how bad Democratic leadership gets, they could always count on one thing: support from Hollywood’s liberal elite. But the way the 2020 primaries are shaping up, even their devoted followers in La La Land seem to be losing hope. During last night’s debate, Hollywood stars commented on the left’s performance. Let’s just say they won’t be handing out any Oscars to these candidates.

I think it’s safe to say that most Americans have rejected Hollywood’s political endorsements. Remember 2016? Countless actors, musicians, and entertainers demanded that we vote for Hillary Clinton. When he rejected them and put Donald Trump in office, Hollywood had a collective meltdown. They couldn’t believe that we would ignore their demands and elect Trump as president.

Many liberal celebrities have spent the last three years lecturing, scolding, and condemning American voters. They’ve slandered Trump supporters and called this country racist (among other things). Good job, you guys. That’s exactly how you win over voters!

With the 2020 Election around the corner, Democrats in Hollywood have ramped up their comments once again. Various liberal celebrities have been endorsing candidates and spreading their opinions online. But they don’t seem to excited about their prospects. With each passing debate, the Hollywood elite appear more and more discouraged. And after last night’s debate, they seem to be turning on the only people who could defeat their greatest enemy: President Trump.

Left-wing Hollywood stars found little to cheer about during Tuesday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina as the party’s presidential hopefuls engaged in shouting matches and the overall tone devolved into chaos. Scrubs star and political sage Zach Braff offered the most succinct summary of the highly touted telecast: “What a mess.”

Comedian Bill Maher offered the most pungent take on the debate, calling the candidates a bunch of “losers.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who is backing Bernie Sanders, called the debated joyless and suggested that the live TV audience was stacked with supporters of Mike Bloomberg.

Actor Adam Scott echoed the sentiment felt by many viewers that debate moderators Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell appeared woefully unprepared. [Source: Breitbart]

You have to understand that the rich, arrogant, elitists from Hollywood pretty much consider liberal politics their religion. They worship Democrat candidates like Messiahs who could force their godless agenda onto the rest of us. When Donald Trump entered office, it was their worst fears come to life: a white conservative man who respected Middle America.

You’d think these clowns would be excited at this attempt to remove Trump from office. Yet not a single Democratic candidate has inspired a shred of confidence from these celebrities. They can’t seem to agree on a candidate. Normally, Hollywood big wigs would have all backed one person by now.

I guess if the media can’t tell them who to support, they are left with deciding for themselves. That’s not something liberals are good at doing: thinking.

Even with a crapshow like the 2020 primaries, you’d think these celebs would just stick it out and support their team. But not even Michael Moore or Bill Maher can salvage a win from this mess. They all took their shots at the candidates. Comedians bashed Biden’s poor performance. Others mocked the candidates’ advanced ages.

They slammed Bloomberg, Steyer, and Warren for their doubletalk. They called the entire scene a mess full of losers.

The election isn’t that far away, you guys. This should be a moment when the “stars” rally behind the Democratic Party, so that us simple-minded rubes would fall in step behind them. Instead, celebrities are mourning over the party’s impeding disaster.

They might change their tune when we get closer to November, but we won’t forget. These fair-weathered celebrities hate the 2020 candidates. I guess they are just like us!

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