House Democrat Adam Schiff is facing an uphill battle for re-election this November. That man was a key pusher of the impeachment hoax. His history of distorting the facts and leaking to the press has tainted his reputation. On top of primary challengers, his GOP rival is hitting him where it hurts: back home. Schiff will have to explain why his district is in such a mess.

Adam Schiff got national attention for his role in the House Democrats’ bogus impeachment push. He was appointed by Nancy Pelosi to oversee their impeachment inquiry. Instead of assigning this important job to an independent investigator (as they did for Clinton’s impeachment), she picked a wildly partisan Democrat.

Schiff is known for leaking classified information to the press. He does it so often, few intelligence agents even agree to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff, a failed Hollywood screenwriter, doesn’t seem to even understand the importance of his job. When opening the impeachment hearings, he read out a very false version of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine.

He called it a parody. It was more like a bald-face lie.

The Democrat seemed to relish the attention the impeachment got him. After the House voted along party lines to impeach Trump, he went to the Senate to make his case. Schiff continued to lie, accusing Trump of one day selling Alaska to Russia and letting Jared Kushner run the country. I guess Schiff is still writing screenplays in his mind.

But through all this media attention, Schiff seems to have forgotten the people back home. Now, a GOP rival, is exposing the terrible mess that has gone untouched, as Schiff pursued the limelight.

While U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff has been trying to impeach President Trump, the homeless crisis in his California congressional district has remained unaddressed, a candidate looking to replace Schiff said this week.

Eric Early, a Republican hoping to represent the state’s 28th Congressional District in the next Congress, talked about the area’s problems while touring the district with a reporter from FOX 11 of Los Angeles.

The challenger accused Schiff – who drew national media attention last year as the face of House Democrats’ efforts to remove Trump from office – of being too focused on Capitol Hill politics instead of the daily wellbeing of people he was elected to represent…

During the tour of streets north of downtown L.A., Early showed FOX 11 examples of drug use, mental health problems and other social ills that Schiff’s constituents grapple with every day. [Source: Fox News]

It’s no secret that California is overrun with homeless, thanks to several key Democrat policies. Los Angeles has been hit the hardest by this crisis. Entire neighborhoods are shanty towns, comprised of tents full of the sick and drug-addicted. Meanwhile, the rich elite ignore the problem in their gated communities.

This is a direct result of poor leadership by their Democratic government. High taxes, legalized drugged, a shrinking jobs market, and other policies have accelerated the issue. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff danced for the cameras during his pathetic bid to remove Trump from office.

Early humiliated the arrogant Democrat, by revealing just how bad things are in his district. Schiff was supposed to represent the people back home. He’s all but ignored them to push the party’s toxic agenda against the president.

Schiff has tried to dismiss these allegations, saying he recently attended a roundtable to discuss affordable housing. Oh, a roundtable! That will solve all their problems. Thing is, Schiff, that affordable housing won’t save meth addicts and the mentally ill. Affordable housing is like giving a Band-Aid to a cancer patient.

A radical change in leadership is needed in California. But unless the voters wake up and do something, the problems will only get worse.

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