Look at that, Joe Biden won South Carolina. He’s still behind Bernie Sanders in overall delegates, but it seems the man’s got some new energy. Perhaps he can roll this victory into a clear shot at the nomination come the summer? Not so fast! At a recent meeting, Joe Biden made a promise that will make many Americans unhappy.

You have to wonder just how crazy Joe Biden is getting. Yeah, we know the man is a gaffe-machine. That much has been true for years. He seems to stumble over his words more than a drunk man walking through a field of Legos.

But recently, it’s not the gaffes that are upsetting. It’s the things he is saying that he actually means. Joe Biden wants to outlaw guns that hold “more than one bullet.” That would include all firearms. The man has claimed that 150 million Americans have died of gun violence since 2007. That’s not even remotely true.

He’s said that Trump’s tax cuts did not help working class Americans. Also, not true. Working class laborers are seeing their salaries rise faster than any other sector. Is Joe just a liar or is he really this uninformed?

If that upsets you, take a look at what he said recently about his plans for the economy. He was talking to a small group of supporters, mocking Trump’s historic tax cuts bill. He asked if anyone benefitted from the cuts. Even though they all did, only one person appears to have raised his hand. Then Biden made a big promise to them. If you elect him, your taxes will go up not down.

You can watch the exchange here. Pretty shocking, if you ask me. Joe Biden is effectively saying that he’s going to raise our taxes if elected president.

Who in their right mind would promise to raise taxes on Americans? Listen, he might be claiming to raise taxes on just wealthy Americans. But when has a tax hike just effected one group? When the government raises taxes on Americans, they raise them for all of us.

Just as the tax cuts bill helped millions of Americans take home more money, Joe Biden’s tax hike would mean the opposite.

Even Americans who didn’t see an immediate change after Trump’s bill saw benefits. Companies raised salaries—because they had more money to spend. They increased bonuses to employees and charitable contributions. On top of that, many Americans saw their taxes go down.

Joe Biden is telling you, plain as day, that he will reverse all that progress. His plans would force companies to not only reduce wages, but lay off many workers. It would lead to more companies moving jobs overseas (where the taxes are nice and low). It would mean a quick and immediate crippling of our economy.

Why would Biden admit this to a group of supporters? Maybe because he thinks we want higher taxes? Maybe he really thinks Americans want socialist programs that tax us into oblivion? Maybe he didn’t expect the cameras to be rolling?

Who knows, who cares. This clip is just a clear sign of what’s to come if Joe—or any Democrat—makes it into the White House. We will see taxes skyrocket. We will see opportunity fade. We will see our jobs bled away to China. All because Democrats don’t know how to do anything else but spend our money.

Compare that to Donald Trump, who not only wants to make the 2017 tax cuts permanent, but he wants to make more cuts for the middle class. It’s like Santa Clause is real and his name is Donald Trump.

Anyone who would support Biden’s plan over that is as braindead as the man himself.

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