Not so sure she has thought this through…

Besides being unlikable…

Besides constantly lying about her life (Google Pocahontas and her fake pregnancy discrimination story), Elizabeth Warren hasn’t proven to be too smart lately either.

First, she goes after Bloomberg in the last two debates despite Mini Mike not being her competition. She’s not going to gain any Bloomberg votes. Her competition is Bernie Sanders. That’s who she needs to take votes from.

But the latest political comments coming from her regarding the coronavirus has really solidified her ignorance.

The virus has become another vehicle for the Democrats go after Trump and Warren is no different than the rest of them.

At a recent CNN town hall, Warren said she wanted to use Trump’s racist border wall money to fight the coronavirus. Every dime. Big surprise coming from a “illegals first” Democrat presidential candidate, right? What does she care about protecting Americans from anything?

Democrats weren’t concerned when the illegals were bringing lice, chicken pox, HIV, tuberculosis, measles and other diseases into the country. Why should they care about them bringing in the coronavirus?

How does having open borders help fight the coronavirus? Does just letting people into our country no matter who they are and what sickness they have protect Americans?

According to Breitbart, Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz says they are better prepared to deal with the threat of the coronavirus than any other law enforcement agency. Agents in the field confirmed they are prepared with training, personal protection equipment, and detection and processing protocols.

I guess Warren prefers that anyone be able to come into America regardless of any dangerous behavior or illnesses they bring with them.

I think she needs to go back into bankruptcy law and leave the safety of the free world to a President who actually wants help Americans.

Author: Steve Gruber

Source: Life Zette: Elizabeth Warren wants to use border wall money to fight coronavirus, leaving the border open to the virus

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