At a recent Joe Biden campaign event, he was nearly upstaged when crazed protestors stormed the platform. The animal rights activists almost stole the spotlight—and endangered the event. Never fear! Joe Biden to the rescue! Um… not quite. What the candidate did will have you scratching your head.

What’s the deal with these animal right’s activists storming leftist events? Not that long ago, a crazy protestor made it up on Bernie Sanders’ stage. She even grabbed the microphone and shouted about how we are torturing cows or something. The old, feeble Sanders couldn’t do anything about it. He just had to stand there and let her shriek.

Not even his security was willing to stop her.

I guess that episode empowered more nuts to do a similar thing. This time, a group of deranged cow-loving protestors made it onto Joe Biden’s campaign stage.

What the hell, security? Can’t you stop a few annoying, loud women screaming about cows from… well, maybe they were overwhelmed by the noise?

What happened next, though, was pretty telling.

Joe Biden’s first reaction was not to protect his wife Jill when protesters stormed his stage Tuesday night. In fact, on two separate occasions, the former vice president looked like he hid behind his wife, seemed to actually use her as a shield…

The first woman rushes the stage, and whose protective instincts immediately kick in? Jill Biden’s, not Joe Biden’s. She steps in front of Old Joe, and he lets her. She looks like a nurse protecting a frail and confused nursing home resident.

The second protester pops up right behind the podium, this one is even more aggressive and potentially dangerous, and again it’s Jill who steps in as Joe puts his hand on her back as if to ensure she won’t move and expose him to potential danger. [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t believe it? Check out the video. Biden’s should have prevented these idiots from making it onto the stage. But it’s pretty telling that Biden barely moves as his wife and another woman are forced to deal with these activists.

They didn’t look like nice people, if you ask me. They were shouting and waving banners. Their manners and aggressive energy suggested they might have pulled out a weapon. Who knows? These are unhinged people who stormed a campaign stage. Anything could have happened.

But did Joe jump in front of his wife? Did he take the brunt of the attack, so that others wouldn’t? Nope. He just stood there and let a woman fight his battles.

In fact, I doubt Biden would have been able to do anything in that situation. The near 80-year-old man certainly does not have the reflexes to respond to something so sudden and immediate. In fact, if his wife hadn’t been up there—those protestors might have trampled all over him!

Pretty disturbing thought, am I right? This man wants to be President of the United States. But we have to question his ability—and integrity.

What kind of man would stand back as his wife was assaulted? If it were me, those women would have regretted coming near my woman. My wife would not have had to worry about what I would do, if the proverbial crap hit the fan.

Jill Biden doesn’t seem to have that kind of assurance. When problems come, she seems to think it’s up to her to solve them.

But what happens if Biden’s enters the White House? He’ll face challenges much greater than loud, obnoxious protestors. Will he hide behind Jill when Russia or Iran comes a calling? Will he hide behind a woman if he faces backlash from China or Ukraine?

These are things we should be asking ourselves, right about now.

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