The battle to retake an U.S. Senate seat in Alabama has come down to two candidates. Jeff Sessions will face off against newcomer Tommy Tuberville in a runoff election. But the former AG won’t be able to count on one thing: an endorsement from his former boss. That’s because Donald Trump is giving his plug to the other guy.

In a shocking twist, the special election to replace Jeff Session for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama went to a Democrat. Doug Jones was able to turnout nearly 90% of the Democrat voter base, when only 50% of Republicans showed up to vote. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that their candidate had been exposed in a scandal from thirty years before?

But the fact remains that Jones will most-likely be booted out of that senate seat this November. The overwhelming majority of voters in Alabama are Republican. And they won’t be sitting out the 2020 race. So, the question is, who will they pick to replace the do-nothing Democrat?

Jeff Sessions left that seat to serve Donald Trump as his first attorney general. The man fought a tough war to support the president’s immigration agenda. But he faltered in one key area. Session recused himself from the DOJ’s Russian investigation. That led to the appointment of a special counsel, Robert Mueller.

The three-year-long Russian probe dragged on for so long, because Sessions refused to get involved. Trump was not happy about that. In fact, on numerous occasions, the president said he would not have picked Sessions, had he known he would recuse.

It wasn’t long before Trump was looking for a new AG. William Barr now runs the DOJ and it seems he’s doing a better job than Sessions. Barr is leading investigations into real election interference. It might not be long before we know what the left was really doing in 2016.

So, does Trump still hold a grudge against Sessions? Surely, he’d back the man to retake his Senate seat from a Democrat? It doesn’t look that way.

Trump took to Twitter to openly endorse newcomer Tommy Tuberville. He praised Tuberville as a MAGA/KAG leader. He said Tuberville will protect the Second Amendment, is tough on crime and the border, and loves our veterans.

Noticeably absent from his comments was any mention of Sessions, his former AG. Trump didn’t endorse Session, but he didn’t bash him either. He took the time to call attention to Tuberville’s winning qualities. He could have easily trashed Sessions, reminding voters how he failed on the Russian investigation.

Instead, he propped up Tuberville. Does this mean Trump no longer holds a grudge against Session? Or does he rather want Tuberville in the Senate?

Trump is not a man who hides his views. He is direct and to the point. Americans love him because he’s largely apolitical. He doesn’t back a candidate to look good. And he doesn’t say or do things because he thinks it’s popular with the public.

Most likely, he’ll get some flak for not endorsing Sessions. As a longtime senator, Sessions probably has the support of many establishment Republicans. Many in D.C. will want to see him return. For the president to back his untested rival might be considered politically incorrect.

But Trump doesn’t care. He needs every last senator on his side. Sessions already stabbed him in the back over politics. (That’s the real reason he recused himself, because it would have “looked bad” to the media.) President Trump doesn’t waste time with people like that. He needs winners in the Senate. Men and women who will put Americans first.

Which makes this endorsement all the more appropriate and necessary.

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