President Donald Trump addressed the nation to discuss the ongoing efforts to battle the coronavirus. As the media tries to spread fear and panic, the administration is taking new steps to protect the nation. During a nightly address, he announced major steps to ensure the coronavirus’ spread in America will be significantly low.

Other viruses and diseases have posed a threat to our nation before. There was Ebola, SARS, and the swine flu (to name a few). But the fear and panic spreading across our media and commercial organizations this time feels unnatural. Considering the low number of people in the U.S. actually affected by this disease, you’d think the media would treat this like a footnote.

Especially as bigger events—like the Democratic primaries—are going on.

Yet we are seeing panic across all sectors. Conventions and large events have been cancelled. Even the NBA season has been put on hold. All for a virus that is no different than the flu.

You’ll have to decide for yourself why the media’s made the coronavirus such a bigger problem than past viruses. But one thing you should be grateful of is that Donald Trump is in the White House, not some other person.

Long before the media even cared about COVID-19, he was taking decisive action. The biggest move was to shut down entry from China and Iran. That greatly reduced the chance Americans would come in contact with infected people. But the virus did spread, mostly on the East and West Coasts, thanks to infected people coming from Europe.

So, last night, Trump announced major new rules to further prevent the spread of the virus.

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday night that the administration was taking emergency action to combat the spread of the coronavirus, which originated in China.

In a unifying speech, Trump announced that he was suspending all travel coming from Europe, excluding the U.K., and also highlighted the economic actions that he was enacting to prevent economic hardship from hitting those impacted by the coronavirus. [Source: Breitbart]

As the United States took steps to protect Americans early on, the European Union did nothing. For all the criticism the media has thrown at Trump, they seem oddly silent about Europe’s lack of preparation. As a result, the virus has spread rapidly through several regions. That means Americans are under threat, should infected people come here from Europe.

Trump’s European travel ban is the first of its kind in a long time. But it will give America some breathing room as the virus runs its course. Limiting the chances of exposure will ensure fewer people are infected, as medical professionals develop more treatments and a vaccine.

Already we are seeing cases decline in China—where the virus originated. It’s only a matter of time before this outbreak is in the past. But we want to limit the number of cases in America, so closing the border to Europe (for just a month), is a brilliant move.

In addition to this, Trump announced further economic measures to protect businesses. It’s no secret that Wall Street is panicking like pigeons caught in the rain (what else is new?). Fears that the virus could disrupt business has caused investors to race into a bear market. To ease fears, the president is moving to provide loans and relief to workers and companies. If anyone contracts the disease, they can take the necessary time off to recuperate.

All things considered, Trump is doing a monumental job of combating this problem. Remember, Obama did a fraction of this, over a disease that appeared far more deadly. Over one million Americans were infected with the swine flu, with nearly 12,000 deaths.

Thanks to Trump, we will probably not get even close to that number.

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