The world is reeling from a virus that originated in the Wuhan province of China. Many have discussed how the communist nation delayed their response, making matters worse. Now, a new study reveals just how bad things have gotten—as a direct result of what China didn’t do.

Ever since the media flipped its lid, Trump has continued to call the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus.” The liberal goons who run the news say this creates a “stigma.” But Trump is 100% correct. If it weren’t the for the negligent, irresponsible, and unsanitary conditions of China’s numerous “wet markets,” we’d be fine right now.

President Trump is calling this the “Chinese Virus,” because he wants to remind the world who’s responsible for the current crisis. And it has more to do than just China’s gross, outdated market conditions.

The outbreak started way back in November, 2019. But even though China watched this thing unfold, they kept silent and lied to the world. They did not shut down their borders, allowing infected people to travel to all corners of the globe. Their government even oppressed doctors that tried to warn us.

Now a new study has discovered just how badly China screwed up. If they had done the right thing, early on, the difference would have been staggering.

A recently published study from the University of Southampton estimated that the global outbreak of the coronavirus could have been dramatically reduced had China’s communist government acted sooner.

The study relied on research from a population mapping group called “WorldPop,” which created the models that were used in the study.

The research found “that if interventions in [China] could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively – significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease.”

…China waited until January 23, 2020, before quarantining the entire city of Wuhan, which has a population of over 11 million people. [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s pretty unbelievable. Had China acted only one week earlier, it could have reduced this outbreak by 66%. Had they acted three weeks earlier, infections would have been reduced by a shocking 95%.

These aren’t small numbers, obviously. And we can conclude that if China had actually got on top of this back in November, nobody outside their country would have gotten sick. There would be no global crisis. And our lives would have gone on normally. How nice would that have been?

There are wild theories out there that claim China deliberately started this outbreak. But you don’t have to reach for conspiracy claims on this one. China refused to enforce basic standards at their wet markets—something they should have done decades ago.

They ignored the spread of this disease then lied to the world to save face. Then, when it was already out of control, they scrambled to contain it. This isn’t some malicious scheme by the communists, just utter and total incompetence by a country with poor leadership.

So, what should be our response? As we battle the spread of this disease, we need to remember to keep China accountable. The country owes the world, big time. If they think they will get out of this scot-free, they are dreaming.

But something tells me the only world leader who will be willing to confront the nation on this is Donald Trump.

Don’t be surprised if our other leaders—and leaders of the EU—will go back to groveling at the feet of China. But those days must end, now. So, we’ll never face a crisis like this again.

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