The Democratic primaries were shaken up this month by the country’s severe response to COVID-19. Major events by campaigns were canceled. And several states have already postponed their voting (with more probably to come). That hasn’t, though, changed the fact that Democrats are forced to choose between two lightweights. So, a trend has started that just might shake up the primaries during this strange time.

Let’s be honest, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders weren’t great choices even before this virus appeared. Bernie Sanders is a far-left socialist that wants to turn America into Venezuela. He wants to “get rid” of billionaires and cripple our economy with massive taxes and government-controlled health care.

Joe Biden isn’t much better. He’s a career flip-flopper, who more and more leans to the left. But worse than that, he might just be a puppet for China—who gave his son millions while he was VP. On top of that, Biden’s mind seems to be slipping. Occasional gaffes have given way to troubling moments of confusion, forgetfulness, and outright anger.

All that was before the outbreak of a Chinese virus that plunged our nation into chaos. Sanders melted down in front of reporters, cursing them out when asked a question. Clearly, he does not have the temperament to handle a crisis. Biden is much worse. His campaign has hidden him away to avoid more troubling gaffes. Any “advice” he’s given are measures the government has already implemented.

Cleary, this crisis has shown we can’t trust these two men. So, perhaps that’s why a trend has been growing… to pick another guy.

Democrats, unsatisfied with the two frontrunners for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination — one of whom has disappeared into the Senate and another who hasn’t been seen in public for more than a week — are trying to start a viral movement to replace Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Vice President Joe Biden with New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo has earned plenty of praise for his handling of the coronavirus, which seems to have made New York City its ground zero in the United States. He’s been complimentary to President Donald Trump, largely calm during the crisis, open in communication and, perhaps most importantly, more reliable for New Yorkers than NYC mayor Bill de Blasio…

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily televised press briefings on the coronavirus have him looking presidential, according to some social media fans,” the Post reported Sunday, adding that many have begun using the #PresidentCuomo hashtag while the New York governor issues his daily press briefings. [Source: Daily Wire]

Boy, the Democrats are getting desperate, if they’re looking to Cuomo for leadership. I was in New York during Hurricane Sandy. And the only person showing real leadership was former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Cuomo sat back and did nothing as the mayor carried the load.

These days, Cuomo doesn’t have Bloomberg to lean on. Idiot Mayor de Blasio did nothing to help address the virus. That’s in keeping with the mayor’s utter lack of leadership and intelligence. Cuomo was forced to step up. But he only seems presidential, when compared to the corrupt, pathetic leadership of the state.

Things have only turned around for the governor, thanks to the help of the president. Cuomo was all but melting down in recent weeks, until he got a major boost of support from Trump. With ships, equipment, and aid coming into NYC, Cuomo can easily sit back and take the credit.

But that seems all that is enough to win over Democrats. They like the appearance of leadership, not the real thing (re: Barack Obama). Democrats only thrive when there are others carrying the burden. When the chips are down, they wilt like cheap flowers.

We know that Cuomo getting the nomination is a longshot. But don’t count out the Democrat convention. Word had already swirled that they’d play some trick to block Sanders. Would they pull a fast one to rob the current candidates and hand the nom to Cuomo?

I wouldn’t put it passed them.

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