As the outbreak spread across the world, many began looking to China. The communist government is largely to blame for the crisis we are now in. But the American media—and organizations worldwide—seem content to give the nation a pass. Not so fast! Because Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a different take.

I know, I know. We’ve talked a lot in recent days about China’s role in all this. But we can’t overstate how, if China had acted properly, we wouldn’t be in this mess. China is a powerful nation. It has many, many businesses in its pocket. If we don’t put pressure on them now, they might wriggle out of their responsibility when the dust settles.

Hell, they’ve done it before.

After the SARS outbreak in 2003, which was traced to a wet market in the southern Guangdong Province, a temporary ban on wet markets and the wild-animal industry were put in place. In July of that year, the World Health Organization declared the SARS virus contained, and in August the Chinese government lifted the ban. [Source: National Review]

You read that right. Way back in 2003, China knew that their “wet markets” were the source of deadly diseases. They even openly banned them. But when WHO claimed that SARS was contained, the communist government quietly removed the ban.

Jump ahead today, we have yet another global pandemic as a result of those unsanitary, unregulated markets. With groups like WHO (a U.N. organization) bowing the to the will of China, do you really think they’ll do the right thing?

This outbreak is obviously worse than the one from 2003. And China’s response was shockingly unacceptable. They ignored the threat, suppressed information, and lied to the world. They waited months before they stepped into to battle it. On top of that, they claimed we are to blame for this outbreak.

But the painful fact remains that even our media will refuse to point the finger at China. Remember the Hong Kong protests? China was literally oppressing their people—and our liberal media didn’t care. Obviously, they can’t be counted on to hold the red nation accountable now.

Who will? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signaled that the U.S. will not forget what China did.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that the other member nations of the G7 fully understood that China was launching a categorically false propaganda campaign claiming that the U.S. Military was responsible for bringing the coronavirus to China…

“After we’ve managed to address this crisis, after we’ve managed to get these economies back on their feet, there’ll be a time for the world to evaluate responsibility for what took place.” [Source: Daily Wire]

During a briefing, the SoS condemned China for their unwillingness to work with American experts at the start of this outbreak. They wouldn’t even permit our people from entering China to work with them. He mentioned how China delayed sharing vital information with the world. He criticized China for now making “small sales” of product and pretending to be the “white hat” during this situation.

Reporters asked what the country will do to hold China accountable. Pompeo suggested Congress will have to take the lead in investigating the country. He also said that when the time is right (after we deal with the virus) America and the world will have to hold China responsible for this mess.

Obviously, the priority right now is to contain and end this crisis. That will happen eventually (probably sooner than people think). But once we’re in the clear, we have to make sure we’re better equipped to handle future pandemics. That includes putting the fire to China’s big, red feet.

Major changes must take place, to safeguard our society from China’s irresponsibility. And they need to pay us back for the massive hit we’ve taken.

If anyone’s able to do that, it’s Pompeo and this administration.

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