As the virus outbreak spread across the country, the government was forced to step up. Sadly, it was unable to do so. Worries about a lack of testing and needed supplies sparked fears of an out-of-control problem. Then, the private sector did its job. Now, Dr. Fauci is proving what we’ve known for a long time: government has no business running health care.

At the start of the virus crisis, the media was jumping on a narrative to slander Donald Trump. In February and early March, reports indicated that there were not enough testing kits available. Some accused Trump of dropping the ball—even though none of them gave a damn about this disease just a month earlier.

What the media did not report was that the government was not prepared, thanks to the Obama administration. In addition to a depleted federal stockpile (which Obama did not replenish), layers of red tape got in the way of a quick response. Facing a lack of testing ability, the government, under orders by Trump, turned to the private sector.

And they got the job done.

Now, our top infectious disease expert, is praising the private sector over the government.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, explained Thursday during an open discussion with NBA player Steph Curry that the government “system” caused the delay in coronavirus testing, praising the private sector for stepping up and taking over.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was unable to keep up with the pace for the amount of tests necessary for effective COVID-19 testing, Dr. Fauci explained, suggesting the government simply cannot be expected to outperform the private sector in this regard…

“Right now, the system is changed, predominately because it’s being handed over to the commercial firms who know how to do it,” the doctor continued. “It started off as a public health measure from the CDC, it now needs to be, and is being handed off to, the commercial group.” [Source: Daily Wire]

One of the key things that will shift this situation from a pandemic to a controlled problem will be the involvement of commercial businesses. The CDC was not equipped to handle fast testing—a key in defeating this outbreak. Only when the government turned to private medical companies to handle testing, did things rapidly pick up.

Hmm… what should that teach us? Oh, that the government is not good at handling real problems!? Liberals have for years demanded a government takeover of our health care system. The coronavirus outbreak is proof that this would be a disaster.

It’s only because the heroic efforts of private companies that we will weather this storm. And not just companies providing rapid testing. From auto makers to breweries, private companies are providing life-saving supplies and PPE to battle this disease. By harnessing the power of our businesses and manufacturers, the United States can respond like few countries can.

Government is run by rules and red tape. There’s no getting around that. Even in the best scenario, the CDC would not have been enough to confront a crisis. Only when you have a system that rewards hard work with profits will you see real results.

Because of private companies, Fauci explained, we are able to get testing results in hours not days. Faster results mean better response and better containment. The extreme measures put into place over the last 15 days were largely due to a lack of information. But with testing comes data. Knowing where the worst cases are means the rest of us can go back to normal (sooner).

That wouldn’t have been possible, if the government ran the health care system. Think about that.

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