The United States and much of the world has suffered for months, thanks to the virus outbreak. Our country has faced unprecedented panic, shutdowns, and pain. Millions around the globe are sick, with billions more being punished. Now, a former Trump official is setting the record straight.

Plenty of claims have been made over the last two months about COVID-19. In late February, early March, some “experts” warned it was a plague that would wipe out millions. Others said it was no worse than the flu. Now we are seeing data to suggest many more people have the disease than originally thought, suggesting its less deadly than feared (and that social distancing restrictions are not affective).

What we do know for a fact is that the United States pushed extreme measures based on wild predictions. Local and state governments shut down our communities. Children’s educations have been ruined. Businesses might never come back. Three hundred and twenty million Americans have suffered, thanks to the government’s response to this disease.

The fact remains all of this was 100% avoidable. Sure, we can blame Congress for wasting valuable months on a bogus impeachment. Yes, we can (and should) blame the CDC and FDA for refusing to act when they could have (and lying about their ability to contain this threat). And yes, we must hold the media accountable for how they hyped up this disease, leading to panic shopping and wiped out grocery shelves.

But the real blame rests on China. You’ll be hearing this a lot in the coming weeks and months, but it needs to be said. China is at fault for the suffering of billions, worldwide. And one of Trump’s former officials is breaking it down.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, criticized the World Health Organization and the Chinese government on Sunday, saying that both stymied the global response to the novel coronavirus, likely allowing it to spread more dramatically across the globe…

“Had they been more truthful with the world, which would have enabled them to be more truthful with themselves, they might have actually been able to contain this entirely.”

Gottlieb… said that the Chinese government delayed sharing two vital pieces of information that would have allowed other nations to prevent the spread of coronavirus: evidence that coronavirus could transmit through human-to-human contact and live samples of the virus…

Chinese officials were tracking outbreaks of coronavirus in Wuhan in December 2019 and knew that the virus displayed human-to-human transmission. Had international officials known that the virus transmitted in that manner, they likely would have been better prepared for a possible pandemic. [Source: Daily Caller]

China knew the virus spread easily from among people back in December. But as late as January 20, they (and WHO) claimed it could not be spread human-to-human. Had we known that back then, we could have been better prepared. The ridiculous “social distancing” rules were a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the virus spread so easily. If we knew better, perhaps we could have just used face masks?

Gottlieb went on to say that we could have could have been an “entirely avoidable world event,” had China done its job.

Beijing also refused to share live strains of the virus, which delayed testing and possible treatment. Damn, where these guys trying to ruin the world? Did they want the planet to turn on them? How could an entire country mess up so badly, then go out of their way to make things worse?

But that’s what you get from a communist dictatorship. There is zero accountability in China. Their fear of “losing face” resulted in the death and suffering of billions.

The only question now is, what are we going to do about it? Will the United States hold the communist nation accountable? Or will we let China off the hook once again?

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