The biggest podcaster in the world weighed in on the upcoming election. Joe Rogan, whose show reaches tens of millions of listeners, discussed Joe Biden’s chances against Donald Trump. And the renowned liberal (and self-proclaimed socialist) made a prediction about what will happen in November.

With much of the world discussing the virus, it seems a few people have forgotten it’s an election year. Oh, make no mistake, the media has not forgotten! Much of the hysteria over the virus has been generated to hurt Donald Trump’s chances. The media exaggerated every new tidbit coming out about the disease, hoping the economy would freefall.

They got their wish, but it hasn’t hurt Trump like they hoped. In fact, his approval has grown since this crisis started.

Meanwhile, the DNC wreaked their chances when they conspired to rob Bernie of the nomination. Now, they’re stuck with Joe Biden, a man who doesn’t seem to be able to keep his thoughts together. Recent “appearances” by the candidate have revealed he is losing his wits. He can’t even make it through a short speech (with a teleprompter)!

One of the most influential podcasters and comedians, Joe Rogan, recently discussed the election. Rogan was put into the hotseat earlier in the year when he said a few good things about Bernie Sanders. The liberal establishment went after the comedian with unfounded attacks. But now, Rogan made some insightful comments about the state of Joe Biden’s mind.

Podcast host Joe Rogan and comedian Brendan Schaub, who used to be an MMA fighter, went off on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden late last week, saying that President Donald Trump is going to steamroll Biden in the election…

“Look if someone wants to ask me questions about things that I understand like MMA or like comedy like if you want to ask me questions about things that I think about and talk about all the time, I could talk to you and really clearly about those things and make a lot of sense,” Rogan continued. “[Biden] can’t do that about politics and he’s been a politician forever … he’s a guy who’s suffering.”

“There’s no way he beats Trump,” Schaub said.

“He doesn’t beat Trump,” Rogan responded. [Source: Daily Wire]

Earlier in the year, the podcaster hammered Biden, commenting on his physical and mental decline. He said the man looks like his skin was “pulled tight like a lizard.” Funny, but very accurate. Now, he is making a pretty important point about Biden’s inability to discuss issues.

Why can’t Biden put together a few coherent sentences about politics, the nation, or the current crisis? Rogan points out that if anyone asked him about issues he knows a lot about, like comedy or MMA, he’d have something to say.

But Biden—who has been in politics for decades—can’t even get one sentence out. All his recent appearances have included prepared remarks (written most likely by a handler). Even his recent stream with Bernie Sanders, Biden had his comments and questions written out beforehand.

That doesn’t inspire confidence, does it? Joe Biden’s mind has slipped so badly, that he can’t be trusted speak for himself.

Imagine what will happen if he’s forced to go up against Trump in a debate? Does his campaign really think he can handle that? How far will they and the media go to protect Biden’s fragile mind? Will they try to cancel the debates? Will they scheme to shut out Trump?

We know there is nothing the left won’t do to give Democrats an advantage. They covered up Hillary Clinton’s obvious health decline in 2016. What will they try to do, to protect Biden’s obvious dementia?

But that won’t change the fact that Biden will not be able to win over voters in November. Trump will eat his lunch, hands down.

Hmm… maybe the Democrats shouldn’t have conspired to sabotage the one candidate that still had a brain?

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