It’s no secret that liberals have used the virus crisis as a political tool against Trump. The current narrative is that Trump did not act soon enough to confront the disease (even as Dems wasted months on impeachment). Some Democrats have gone as far as defending China, a nation that sat back and let the virus spread. But Ted Cruz is refusing to let China off the hook.

So, how have you faired during these months of hell? Fact is, most Americans are suffering tremendously. But do you want to know what most Democrats (especially in D.C.) are worried about? How they can spin this story to hurt the president.

Right now, they are claiming Trump didn’t do enough to stop the disease. As we talk about reopening the economy, some of them say we need to prolong the shutdowns for months. We all know why they’re saying that: because the longer the economy suffers, the more they can blame Trump.

Don’t be surprised if they change the narrative again later this year to say Trump shouldn’t have shut down the country—and that he is responsible for the economic decline.

We all know whose really to blame for this crisis. Yet Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy has claimed we can’t blame China for the many deaths and millions of jobs lost.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT) told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week that the United States was not in crisis “because of anything that China did.”

“We knew it was a matter of time before it arrived here, and it was shocking how cavalier the administration was. This was at a time when the president really, you know, viewed this as a hoax,”

Murphy falsely claimed. “He said so on TV, and the reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This con man is pushing a lie that has been debunked again and again. Trump was the first to address this crisis—forming a task force in January and shutting the border to China soon afterward. What was Murphy doing back then? Oh, just pushing a bogus impeachment. We didn’t seen one Democrat give a bat’s ass about this virus, until mid-March.

You also have to wonder why Murphy is so eager to throw our president under the bus, but defend a corrupt communist regime? Is he one of many politicans in bed with China? We should look into that.

Sen. Ted Cruz had a different take on this issue.

“There needs to be accountability. Look, first we have to defeat this crisis,” Cruz said. “But afterwards, there needs to be a careful accountability as to the communist government’s in China’s responsibility, both for covering it up and suppressing it, that we know, and also whether the communist government played an inadvertent part in the outbreak itself.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats are giving communist China a pass so they can use this crisis to hurt the president. But Ted Cruz refuses to let China off the hook. He is demanding consequences for what the Chinese did to help the spread of this disease. They lied about it, covered it up, and sat back as it spread around the world. And new reports indicate that the virus originated in a Chinese-run lab with poor safety standards.

Quite a contrast to Murphy, huh? That idiot, like the rest of his party, is just spreading partisan hate. Cruz is putting Americans first by demanding answers from the country that started this chaos.

We need to soon pass legislation that puts China in its place. And we need investigations that will hold them accountable. Leaders like Cruz are behind that 100%. Dems like Chris Murphy? Not so much.

I know which senator I’m behind. Do you?

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