Thanks to bad academic models, the government forced most of the country to shut down. Trillions of dollars have been lost and 22 million are out of work. After over a month of these forced, un-Constitutional conditions, Americans have had enough. It started in Michigan, but is spreading all over the country. Americans are demanding to reopen the country.

Tell me something, where in the Constitution does it say governors (or mayors or judges) have the power to shut down the entire country? Because of the fear of the virus, state leaders have overreached their authority, forcing private businesses and citizens to stay at home. They claimed this was to “slow the spread,” but we know the truth. State governments were not prepared and they feared packed hospitals (which were also not prepared).

To cover for their incompetence, they punished the rest of society.

More evidence is emerging each day that many people have already contracted and recovered from the virus. Proving it was not nearly as deadly as the “models” claimed. There was never going to be a surge at our hospitals (even New York is seeing a massive drop in hospitalizations, daily). Yet today, most states refuse to reopen their economies, their leaders spreading more fear and panic.

Meanwhile, Americans are losing their livelihoods. The measly $1,200 from the government won’t cover mortgages or cover the cost of months of bills and groceries. Students will not be able to return to class this year. And let’s not forget the countless milestones and events canceled, never to come back.

It’s no surprise that even in a liberal county, Americans are furious.

On Saturday, California residents took to the streets of San Diego County, which went for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016, to protest strict social distancing guidelines, demanding the economy be opened back up. [Source: Daily Wire]

They’re not alone. Across the country, thousands of Americans have gathered to demand an end to these idiotic (and harmful) shutdowns. With more planned in other states.

Organized events in Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin took place even as the governors in some of those states have started to roll back the stay-at-home restrictions in question.

Protesters carried signs that declared their jobs “essential for them,” among other slogans that invoked constitutional rights. Many people carried American flags and wore paraphernalia with President Trump and Vice President Pence. The protests and rallies have gained support as unemployment continues to climb across the country. [Source: Fox News]

Protests are also planned for Pennsylvania and other areas. It’s funny to see how support for these shutdowns have fallen among party lines. Even though it was the Trump administration who recommended them (and they were implemented by both red and blue states), it’s conservative leaders who are pushing to reopen the country.

Democrats seem content with keeping millions out of work, crippling their communities. Could it be because they want more Americans jobless and dependent on the government? These shutdowns could have been answers to their prayers—for more Americans to join the Welfare State.

Liberals in the media are against reopening the country. Easy for them to say that. Most MSM reporters have nothing to fear. They are still getting paid. They don’t have to suffer from the economic collapse facing blue-collar and hourly workers.

The only silver lining is that multiple states have outline plans to reopen. By May, we will start to see a return to normal (at least in places like Texas). But don’t hold your breath for other states. Many Democrat-run states will sit on this thing, until more damage has been done by the lockdowns than a virus that appears to be on the level with the flu.

Which means the protests will continue. I wonder if all these protesters will show up at the polls in November? That’s the only way to ensure this kind of thing won’t happen again.

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