This crisis has revealed just how incompetent many Democrat mayors and governors are. When needed to respond to a real problem, we learned they have zero leadership abilities or good ideas. But perhaps the biggest loser of them all is New York’s Bill de Blasio. His latest move to “fix” the problem was an utter disaster. And it put America lives at risk.

We’ve seen state and local leaders really screw the pooch during this crisis. It seems they take it for granted that America pretty much runs itself, without their involvement. Only when we face a crisis are these leaders needed. And it seems many of them were just not prepared.

I can make a list of all the braindead, idiotic, and (arguably) illegal things state and local Democrats have done during this crisis. But this article would drag on for so long it would be considered a crime in itself. Let’s just focus on New York’s inept mayor, Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio, like many other Democrats, ignored the threat of the virus. Even as the president issued guidance in early March, the mayor urged New Yorkers to go about life as normal. The governor of the state stepped in to urge social distancing and other measures. The mayor still did nothing. In fact, it was only when top city health officials threatened to resign that de Blasio did anything.

Even after he encouraged residents to stay home, he was seen working out at a public gym.

But it gets much worse. Recently, he’s encouraged New Yorkers to spy and rat out their neighbors if they neglect his rules. Even though groups of 10 or less are fine, he still wants people to call the police on anyone “violating” his orders. After doing nothing for weeks, now he’s acting like a dictator.

Perhaps his worst move involves New York jails. He forced prisons to release hardened criminals to prevent the spread of the disease. Now, guess what happened?

At least 50 of 1,500 inmates released from lockup over concerns that the virus could spread quickly within a jail have been rearrested, according to the New York Post…

In one instance, police arrested 40-year-old James Little on April 7 for attempting to rob a bank. Little’s arrest happened just over a week after he was released from Rikers Island where he was being held after assaulting his girlfriend. Little’s criminal record also includes a 1995 murder for which he served over two decades behind bars…

Last month, New York City’s top prosecutors signed a joint letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s Department of Correction commissioner, Cynthia Brann, warning of just such an outcome. [Source: Daily Wire]

We’re not talking about tax cheats or money launderers. The mayor released violent criminals from jail. Are you kidding me!? One of the men immediately went to go beat up his girlfriend. Other reports indicate these criminals jumped state lines to commit murder, but were thankfully apprehended.

Sure, Riker’s Island is a hell hole. That’s kind of the point. Why should we put the law-abiding public at risk, over fears these criminals catch COVID-19? Does de Blasio care more about the wellbeing of bank robbers and murderers over the hard-working citizens of his city?

I think you know the answer to that.

Regular citizens are forced inside their homes. Small business owners lose their shirts because they can’t open. Yet violent criminals are allowed to walk the streets, freed from jail. Am I taking crazy pills?

Hey, if you wanted a perfect example of why Democrats can’t lead, here it is. Mayor de Blasio is literally putting New Yorkers in harm’s way. Virus or no, he has no idea how to run a city.

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