Two Republican lawmakers are drafting legislation that will allow Americans to sue China. Millions of us have suffered, thanks to a disease that originated in a foreign land. But these two lawmakers took their accusations one step further, saying China was intentional in what they did to let the virus spread.

Many people have speculated over the source of the virus that has overturned life around the world. Early on, we were told that it came from Wuhan wet markets, unsanitary and unregulated places where people bought disgusting wild animals for food. Later, reports suggest that the virus came from a local lab, where unsafe practices allowed the disease to spread to people.

Regardless of the exact origins, we know China made the problem much worse. They covered up the facts and lied to the global community. Even the WHO repeated the claim (from China) that the virus could not spread from person to person.

But two of our lawmakers are taking it a step further. Not only is China responsible for neglecting their responsibility, they say let the virus spread on purpose.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) made bold new allegations against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) this week during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, saying that China allowed the coronavirus to spread to other countries around the world…

“Exactly. 5 million people left Wuhan,” Crenshaw said. “They allowed this virus to spread. They knew it would spread, they spread false talking points like it won’t spread from human to human contact. They didn’t let scientists in to investigate. They actually disappeared doctors who tried to blow the whistle. The number of deaths and infections they hid.”

Cotton took the allegations one step further when he talked about “the evil intent of Chinese leaders,” saying that they “intentionally” allowed “this virus to get outside their border.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Sen. Cotton and Rep Crenshaw are introducing a bill that will let Americans sue China over the pandemic. They discussed what China did during the onset of the virus.

Some might claim China simply “screwed up” how they handled this situation. But there is mounting evidence that they knew the disease was spreading, but intentionally let it reach other countries. These Republicans pointed out that after the virus was known to Chinese officials, they let 5 million people travel from Wuhan to parts beyond.

That was in the later months of 2019. Think about that: 5 million Chinese nationals were able to travel, potentially infecting untold numbers of people.

You might say, “not all of those people were infected.” Sure. But the Communist Chinese Party did nothing to vet them or contain the disease. In a very real way, they were deliberate in letting the disease to spread to other countries.

Hey, they may not have started this on purpose. But their actions from the start suggest they were more than negligent. They seemed to have wanted this thing to spread to other countries, knowing the damage it would cause.

They lied about the danger. They oppressed doctors who tried to warn the world. And they got the WHO to repeat their bogus claims. Only by late January—two months after the initial outbreak—did they admit there was a problem.

How many people around the world already caught the disease by then? This thing didn’t just pop up in March. It was spreading across the world—and the United States—for months before that. All the panic, fear, and pain caused by this pandemic was a direct result of what China did.

Yet what will be the world’s response? Will other countries join the United States in holding China accountable? Will the UN or EU even bother to demand answers from the communist nation? Or will they help China sweep this under the rug and pretend like nothing happened?

Something tells me America will be alone in forcing China to answer for what it did.

But we’ll win, nevertheless.

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