At the beginning of March, millions around the world feared COVID-19. The media whipped up people into believing this flu-like disease was the plague. Many were convinced forced lockdowns were the only solution. But after many weeks of economic freefall and the abuse of our rights, people are questioning if this was the right decision. That include conservative expert Brit Hume and a top U.N. official.

Even as China lied about the virus, we were getting some facts early on. Top medical experts were saying the virus did pose a threat to the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. But for the rest of us, we’d be fine. That was the narrative spreading around the world in February.

Then Italy imploded. Because of a lack of preparation, inferior hospitals, and a high elderly population, the country was overwhelmed. Quickly, new (unvetted) models came out, predicting the worst for America and the U.K. Instead of showing reason and caution, medical experts were now demanding we flush our freedoms and prosperity down the toilet to “flatten the curve.”

It’s now late April and America is on the brink. We’ve spent trillions of dollars to save jobs. Countless lives and livelihoods have been ruined. Protests are breaking out across the country. Many people are now saying the models were wrong and lockdowns were unneeded. Yet still, the liberal media demands we stay locked down forever.

But the dam is breaking and more people are saying the lockdowns are much, much worse than the disease.

U.N. World Food Program (WFP) Executive Director David Beasley… warned that there was a “real danger” that more people could die from the economic fallout than from the actual virus…

“Lockdowns and economic recession are expected to lead to a major loss of income among the working poor. Overseas remittances will also drop sharply – this will hurt countries such as Haiti, Nepal, and Somalia just a name a couple.” [Daily Wire]

Conservative pundit Brit Hume went even further, calling the U.S. lockdowns, “a colossal public policy calamity.”

“I think it’s time to consider the possibility, Shannon, that this lockdown – as opposed to the more moderate mitigation efforts – is a colossal public policy calamity,” Hume said, according to Fox News. “That the damage to the economy, businesses that I see, businesses are closing. Many may not reopen. Those jobs will be lost. Those businesses will be lost. Those incomes will be lost.”

“Plus, the effect on children who don’t have their normal life,” he continued. “They don’t have school. They can’t play with their friends, even outdoors. All these things are accumulating. They’re not going to get better, Shannon. They’re going to get worse with time. And, as I say, we may not recover from many of these losses for a very long time if ever.” [Source: Daily Wire]

We have to ask the question, “Why did our leaders force us to shutdown”? Couldn’t they see the economic toll of these lockdowns would be far worse than the disease? We knew COVID-19 was only deadly to a small group—that hasn’t changed. Why didn’t we implement a much more strategic plan to protect the elderly and those with weak immune systems?

The only reason I can see was that health officials worried about hospitals. They weren’t concerned with the economic devastation such a medieval measure like lockdowns would have. Why should they? They weren’t going to lose their shirts over this. But the rest of us did—and lost so much more. Because health officials were worried about the incompetence of their own industry, they punished every other.

More and more Americans are questioning these idiotic lockdowns. The protests are just the beginning. Yes, some states will reopen soon. Others won’t for a long time. That’s not good enough. We as Americans must demand answers. We better demand more from our leaders than lazy policies that strip us of our Constitutional rights.

We’ve already lost so much. Can we afford to lose more?

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