In recent weeks, we’ve learned about lawmakers in D.C. pushing to hold China accountable for their role in the virus outbreak. Many are demanding that China pay for this crisis that’s griped the whole world. Still, China refuses to even admit they were behind the pandemic. Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling for a slew of measures to make China pay, big time.

What would you do, if you knew some punk kid set fire to your house? What if the fire spread to your neighbor’s house? Then to the entire street? Then it spread across your entire city? The person responsible for starting the fire would be in big, big trouble.

Now, imagine if that kid not only started the fire, but helped it spread? Instead of calling the fire department, he threw straw on the flames and sat back and watched it grow. Would anyone ignore that? Yeah, right. That kid would be screwed.

But that’s just the case with China and COVID-19. They were responsible for this outbreak (maybe not deliberately, but still responsible). They did nothing as the virus spread. And they lied about the facts, preventing the world from preparing early.

To this day, they continue to lie about the disease or blame other countries (like the United States).

All this, so that they can avoid paying back the world for what they did. But Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t having any of it. He is recommending sanctions until China makes some big changes.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) vowed to sanction China until it engages in full cooperation with any investigation into the coronavirus’ origins, closes “exotic wildlife” wet markets, and frees Hong Kong democracy advocates that have been jailed since the outbreak of the coronavirus…

He added that the sanctions would be seizing the assets of “Chinese officials that are responsible for not reporting the pandemic. We’re going to cut China off from U.S. financial institutions. We’re going to shut down visa travel into the United States for Chinese students. We’re going to close off America to China — the Chinese economy. And we’re going to make it hard for them to do business in the United States until they fully cooperate, close the wet markets, and release the Hong Kong democracy advocates.” [Source: Breitbart]

What Graham is recommending is utterly brutal. It would cut China off from benefitting from any America resource or asset. They will not be able to do business with us, attend our colleges, or receive any kind of support from our economy. In short, he wants to “close off America to China.”

Sounds harsh, but it’s necessary. All the pain, hardship, and death suffered by the U.S. over the last few months is directly China’s fault. Even as our CDC officials tried to get a grasp of this disease back in January, they were denied access and lied to by China. We could have gotten a jump on this thing. Instead, China refused to even help.

Why shouldn’t we hold them accountable? Keep in mind, Graham doesn’t want these sanctions to last forever. Just until we see some cooperation from China. Graham wants them to cooperate with our investigation into the virus, close the wet markets, and release Hong Kong advocates wrongly imprisoned during the outbreak.

That’s not much to ask from a massive world power, is it? The penalties, as I see it, are far worse than his requests. But the big question is: will China do it?

Up until now, they’ve lied, relying on the World Health Organization to cover for them. They have refused to cooperate one bit with the rest of the world.

But they are going to learn that they can’t lie to us, the way the lie to their own people. The United States will demand answers from China, or they will suffer the consequences.

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