The virus outbreak took the Democratic president primaries for an odd spin. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were the only two left, with plenty of delegates still up for grabs. Then the nationwide shutdown threw voting for a loop. Sanders was forced to drop out, making Biden the presumptive nominee. But he hasn’t won all liberals, yet. And one big group might be giving him a big problem.

I still can’t believe the Democrats conspired to shut out Bernie, all for Joe Biden. You might have forgotten what happened, since it was quickly overshadowed by nonstop COVID-19 coverage. But way back in February, when the primaries were white hot, we had numerous Democrat candidates. Then, just before Super Tuesday, key “moderates” dropped out, giving Joe a clear path for victory.

(You might also remember socialist-leaning Warren did not drop out, taking votes from Bernie.)

You’d have to be blind not to see the fix was in. Joe Biden took a commanding lead, with only Bernie Sanders left to challenge him. As the virus chaos overtook everything, Sanders had no choice but to drop out.

But it appears his diehard supporters, who still believe he’ll give them free everything, refuse to back Joe Biden.

A new national poll suggests that nearly 1 in four voters who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primaries aren’t backing presumptive nominee Joe Biden with six months to go until November’s election.

According to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University survey released on Wednesday, 22 percent polled aren’t ready to throw their support behind Biden. That includes those who said they would vote in November for President Trump, those who said they would vote for a third-party candidate, those who said they’d skip voting, and those who said they are undecided. [Source: Fox News]

Knowing how slanted liberal media polls are, we can assume this number is much higher. Long before Bernie threw in the towel (a second time), his supporters were on the warpath. They anticipated the DNC would try to rig the primaries. Many had claimed (in some cases violently) that they would protest the convention or refuse to vote for another Democrat candidate.

Now, it seems like those predictions are coming true.

Although Sanders was (and is) a terrible candidate, whose ideas would bring disaster on America, you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. This is the second time in as many years that the Democrats conspired against him. Both in 2016 and 2020, he had momentum, cash, and a sea of supporters. Sanders was packing in many more people at his rallies than any other Democrat early this year.

Biden, on the other hand, was floundering. His campaign was out of cash by February. He only held rallies in gymnasiums with just a handful of people. Several candidates were leading him. His only advantage was a strong showing in South Carolina. That’s it. But the powers that be in the party decided he was a better choice to beat Trump than the life-long commie.

Democrats twice now undermined their own democratic process to prevent Sanders from winning. Pretty undemocratic, if you ask me.

We shouldn’t be surprised that a large number of Sanders supporters don’t want to back Biden. The same poll said a whopping 60% of them aren’t even excited to back Sleepy Joe. Yeah, you and the rest of the party! Americans of all backgrounds are watching Joe Biden’s brain fall apart. You can’t blame them for having zero interest in voting for this man.

Hmm… perhaps they’re better of jumping ship? Don’t like Biden? Worried that he might have assaulted Tara Reade?Think his mind’s slipping? Then why not vote for a man that is taking us through a crisis and winning?

Makes sense to me.

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