Former President George W. Bush has been mostly silent since he left office. We all know why. Yet during important moments through our recent history, when the man could have spoken up, he said nothing. Now he is all but bashing the president as he calls for unity during the crisis. President Trump called Bush out, putting him in his place.

We can all assume Bush has stayed out of the spotlight, because his presidency didn’t end so well. Americans rallied behind him after 9/11, but they quickly soured as the Iraq War dragged on. By 2008, his approval was so low, Republicans didn’t even want him to endorse their candidate.

You can imagine how little Americans would have appreciated his insight during the Obama years or even now. Yet, as a former president (and Republican) there were times in our recent history when he should have offered his input. Obama has no problem speaking his mind frequently, and the left eats it up. Why has Bush been so quiet?

Well, Bush broke his silence recently, to speak up over the crisis. Two months after the problem exploded, the former president decided to tell Americans to put aside partisan politics to “come together.” His watered-down, milquetoast video offered nothing new, but repeated the many lines most Americans are tired of hearing.

President Trump was quick to pounce on the statement, calling Bush out for his terminal silence over other important issues.

Former President George W. Bush on Saturday called on Americans to put aside partisan politics and come together amid the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the U.S.

President Trump immediately attacked the 43rd president.

Citing Fox News’ Pete Hegseth, Trump wrote on Twitter: “@PeteHegseth ‘Oh bye the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside.’ @foxandfriends He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!” [Source: Daily Wire]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of hearing from rich, entitled people telling me how to think, feel, or behave during this crisis. This is America. We know the risks. Yet our government (and celebrities) are demanding we behave like little children and obey their demands.

Bush is demanding we put aside partisan politics. Okay, then why isn’t he calling out Democrats for the shocking ways they have been behaving? Republicans have been working with state and local government to keep Americans safe and reopen our economy.

Liberals? They are arresting pastors, shutting down businesses, and opposing lawful protests. Democrat governors are clearly dragging out (already un-Constitutional) lockdowns to make matters worse, all so they can demand money from the federal government.

We’ve seen Democrats try to exploit this crisis to further their progressive agenda. Why isn’t Bush outraged? Why isn’t he calling out these crooks for putting their party and schemes ahead of the American people?

Because this is the same man who stayed silent while Democrats hoisted one of the biggest cons in American history. He said nothing as Democrats pushed one lie after another against a Republican president to get him impeached.

Not once has he defended his supposed party and supported President Trump, who has fought more to promote conservative goals than any president since Reagan. It seems Bush is more of an ally to his buddies Michelle and Barry Obama, than he is to his own party.

If there is one group desperately clinging to partisan politics during a time of crisis, it’s the Democrats. They think they can use this pandemic to set themselves up for a win in November. They aren’t even thinking about how their political motivations are hurting Americans, the very definition of toxic partisanism.

Yet Bush is silent. He can only offer the same, tired talking points we’ve been hearing for months. Talking points that ignore the data and seeks to keep Americans shuttered up in our houses. Then, he expects us to put all this abuse aside and thank our liberal masters for letting us out into the sunlight, whenever that happens.

Sorry, Bush, but I’m on Trump’s side on this one. You can keep your comments to yourself.

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