The releasing of documents related to the Michael Flynn case has been a nightmare for the left. We are discovering that the last administration set up the Trump official—and tried to use him to undermine the new president. After denying any involvement in the scheme, Joe Biden’s name has appeared several times. A new list released this week further puts Joe Biden in the hotseat. How will he explain himself?

For those who are having a hard time keeping up, here’s the rundown. Obama’s FBI wiretapped several phone calls between Michael Flynn and a Russian ambassador. This led the FBI to question Flynn. They later charged him with lying—charges that the current AG has recently dropped. The Flynn case was a stepping stone to the Russian collusion hoax, as the media and Democrats pointing to Flynn as “proof” Trump was working with Russia.

New documents reveal it was a Democrat scheme from the start. FBI officials were trying to set Flynn up to get him fired. Then we learned the former president (and Biden) were in a meeting in January 2017 discussing the recorded phone calls and the FBI investigation.

Just a few days ago, Biden claimed he knew nothing about the “moves to investigate” Flynn. But several moments later, George Stephanopoulos got him to admit he did know. Now, another released document suggests Biden was involved much more than that.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was named on a list of top Obama administration officials who purportedly requested to “unmask” the identity of former national security adviser Michael Flynn during the presidential transition period – a revelation that calls into question the presumptive Democratic nominee’s claim a day earlier that he was only “aware” of the investigation into Flynn. [Source: Fox News]

So, how could Biden have little knowledge of the Flynn case, if he was one of several top Obama officials who wanted his name unmasked? Unmasking an American’s name exposes that person. It’s similar to doxing someone, but someone who was inadvertently recorded during a surveillance operation targeting a potential foreign enemy. The fact that we know the FBI was specifically targeting Flynn suggests none of this was “inadvertent.” And wanting to unmask him suggests malicious intent.

It’s no secret that Obama disliked Flynn. He fired the man, after Flynn wanted to prioritize combating Islamic extremism. Obama even told Trump not to hire him. For Flynn to be set up as he was, then exposed in an unmasking, suggests the Obama administration was trying to hurt the man on purpose.

Joe Biden has claimed he knew nothing about all this. Then, he changed his story to claim he only knew a little. But does someone that only knows a little bit about a case go on record to ask for a man to be unmasked? You’d think Joe wouldn’t bother requesting something like that.

Is Joe just confused again? Or is he lying to cover his ass? The more we learn about the Flynn case, the more we discover an underhanded scheme by Obama officials to destroy a good man’s life, whiling trying to eliminate Trump in the process.

There’s good reason for us to believe that Joe Biden was right in the thick of this scheme. Will he cop to the truth? Will he ever admit what he and other Obama officials were up to?

This man wants to be the next President of the United States. So, it’s pretty important for us to know if he was involved in a scandal bigger than Watergate.

But something tells me he will never own up to the truth. Our only recourse is to hold his feet to the fire, as more evidence emerges.

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