Former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy says voting out Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff is not enough punishment for the damage he has done to President Trump and the intelligence community.

During a Friday night appearance on Hannity, Gowdy told the Fox News host he also wants reporters who advanced the fake Russian collusion story to be named publicly and that he’s willing to do it.

“The media, not only did they not provide scrutiny over Adam Schiff, they aided and abetted him,” Gowdy said. “Politico, the Hill, Washington Post, New York Times, I’ll come on and even give you the reporters’ names sometimes. The reporters who sat there and helped Adam Schiff perpetrate this fraud, next time I’m with you I’ll give you the names of the reporters.”

Gowdy recounted questioning officials in the Obama administration about evidence they had, which would prove the Kremlin worked to get Trump elected in 2016.

“I asked every one of them. Even if it’s hearsay, even if it’s something you heard that you didn’t believe. Even if it’s inadmissible in court, tell me everything you’ve ever heard about Trump, his campaign, or even the groupies and the hangers-on in his campaign, and there was nothing, so my expectations of Adam Schiff are very low. He still doesn’t meet them, but they’re very low. My expectation of the D.C. media was a little higher, and they aided and abetted him for the entire year we conducted this investigation.”

Gowdy added that he would like to see members of the media dig deeper into the ouster of former national security adviser Michael Flynn after it was revealed that partisan agents in the FBI attempted to get him to lie so they could then prosecute him.

“I’d love for the D.C. media, who loves leaks, they live on leaks,” said Gowdy. “I wish somebody would leak to them who it was that told President Obama that Michael Flynn’s name was in that transcript.”

Gowdy provided an inside look into new documents, which revealed Schiff’s role in the Russian investigation. The former prosecutor said Schiff cannot be prosecuted for his actions surrounding the Russia investigation but that there are other ways in which justice might be served.

“He’s got immunity,” added Gowdy. “The only accountability shouldn’t come from court. Let the voters throw him out. They can do better in California.”

Author: Spencer Neale

Source: Washington Examiner: Gowdy ready to expose reporters who ‘aided and abetted’ Adam Schiff during Russia investigation

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