Joe Biden is struggling as numerous scandals hamper his presidential aspirations. Perhaps the very worst comes from Tara Reade, a former staffer who claims he sexually assaulted her. He was asked about the allegations in a recent interview. Big surprise, Joe can’t even remember the woman. Then, he said something truly bizarre.

It’s kind of surprising that Joe Biden ever held public office. Because on his own, he’s a weaker candidate than Hillary Clinton. He’s not good at answering questions. He can’t finish his sentences. And we often have to wonder if he’s lying or just really, really forgetful?

That was true long before the Tara Reade allegations. Now, Biden appears to be the very worst person to run for president. Despite the left’s attempts to ignore or forget Reade’s claims, they aren’t going away. There is enough corroboration for any honest American to want answers. Biden has yet to provide those answers.

But when asked about the scandal recently, he matters worse for himself.

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed on Thursday that he does not remember Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who came forward in March with a 1993 sexual assault allegation and suggested that those who believe her claims shouldn’t vote for him. [Source: Fox News]

Ooooo-kay. Joe Biden says he didn’t remember Tara Reader—but then adamantly claims the assault “never, ever happened.”

Um, you just said you don’t remember the woman, Joe. How are we supposed to believe your denial, if you don’t even remember the woman? Perhaps you don’t remember the alleged event as well? What’s more troubling, the fact that he might have harassed this woman or that he can’t even remember someone who worked for him twenty years ago?

But then Biden tops himself in the same interview. He goes on to say that if women believe Tara Reade they “probably shouldn’t vote” for him. Hmm… does that sound like an innocent person to you?

Remember when Brett Kavanaugh was wrongfully accused? He never budged in his assertion of innocence. He fought to defend his name. And, in the end, he was vindicated and made a justice of the Supreme Court.

Biden expects us to believe he’s innocent, then tells women they shouldn’t vote for him if they think he’s guilty. Really, Joe? Talk about mixed messages!

Why not say, it never happened, period? Why not provided every last bit of evidence that can clear your name? Are D.C. politicians like Joe so corrupt and jaded—so used to being accused of assault—that they don’t even try to defend themselves? Joe said the story “is being vetted, it’s been vetted.” By who?

Why can’t we see his Senate records? Why won’t he take a polygraph and put this to rest? Why isn’t he doing everything in his power to prove Reade wrong? And why is he giving women the green light to believe a lie, if it is in fact a lie?

Compare Joe’s response to the many times Donald Trump was accused of harassment. Not once has Trump said something that confused the situation. He has always maintained his innocence and fought to defend his good name. And, sooner or later, the women accusing him withdraw their allegations and slink away.

It’s a sad reality that people in the public eye might be wrongfully accused by opportunists. The key is in how the accused reacts. An innocent man will never waver in his stance. But Biden wavers more than a reed in a hurricane. His weak assertion of innocent is greatly undermined by his own words, time and again.

I can’t say if he is innocent or guilty. But if we had to go on his word… he should just drop out now.

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