The liberal elite freaked out when President Trump cut off funding to the World Health Organization. Trump criticized the U.N. body for failing to properly address COVID-19 at the start of the outbreak. This week, the president sent a brutal letter to the organization, promising to keep funding frozen unless they make some serious changes.

The United States sends hundreds of millions of dollars to WHO on a yearly basis. Like so many other international bodies, we pay the lion’s share of their budget. China, on the other hand, gives WHO less than forty million dollars a year. But which country was WHO bowing to during the early days of the outbreak? You guessed it: the corrupt communist one.

As late as January, after the virus had already spread around the world, WHO repeated the lies of China that it could not spread person-to-person. By then, China had already been studying the disease. They watched it spread from Wuhan to other regions. Since November, they sat back and did nothing as more and more people got sick. Then, they suppressed information from reaching the world, even destroying samples of the virus.

WHO basically helped China keep the virus a secret, then spread false information about it. Only in February, when it was much too late, did WHO bother to say this was a global health emergency. So, why should the United States reward such a corrupt and incompetent organization?

Things don’t seem to have gotten any better at WHO. And Trump promised to make the funding freeze permanent, unless they shape up and fly right.

President Trump released a blistering letter late Monday to the head of the World Health Organization, stating that his administration conducted an investigation that confirmed the health body’s multiple failures in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, and warned that his current funding freeze will become permanent if the organization does not make “substantive” improvements within 30 days…

The letter offers a bullet-point list of shortcomings at the agency that Trump claimed could have been prevented under the right leadership. [Source: Fox News]

Trump battered the crooked organization, laying out all the reasons they are largely responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

  • WHO ignored credible reports of the virus in Wuhan in early December 2019
  • WHO Beijing office knew about the threat by December 30, 2019
  • WHO deliberately ignored warnings by Taiwanese authorities
  • WHO made claims about the virus that “were either grossly inaccurate or misleading”
  • WHO praised China’s travel restrictions but were “inexplicably” negative against Trump’s

The list goes on. It’s hard for any honest person to criticize Trump’s decision, in light of the overwhelming evidence. It’s clear this international body devoted to battling disease simply bowed to China’s whims. They were complicit in covering up news of the outbreak early on, trying to aid China’s efforts to protect its reputation (i.e.: save face). Yet because of their slow actions, the virus spread around the world, costing us thousands of lives and so much more.

President Trump called on WHO to show “independence from China.” He demanded the group make reforms to prove they are actually in the business of protecting the world’s health, not doing the wishes of a communist regime. The president stated that if WHO does not commit to “major substantive improvements” in 30 days, they won’t get any more funding from the U.S.

That probably means a new leader. The current president appears to be in the pocket of China’s President Xi. He has consistently refused to admit his organization’s wrongs. Honestly, the best way to reform a group (or a country) is to replace the guy in charge. But will WHO vote out Tedros for someone much more competent?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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