Nancy Pelosi’s grip on reality continues to weaken. During an interview, she attacked the president’s use of preventative medicine—calling the Commander in Chief “morbidly obese.” The odd and inaccurate insult outraged Americans. Soon after, Trump fired back with both barrels.

Has there ever been a Democrat more petty and childish than Nancy Pelosi? The aging liberal has time and again revealed her true colors. Not of a champion of the left—fighting to help the less fortune. But as a weak-minded, selfish elitist who cares only about her “legacy.”

Several times the president invited Nance and other Democrats to the White House for important negotiations. On more than one occasion, Pelosi stormed out, only to appear before the cameras to complain. The woman appears totally incapable of actually doing her job. She wasted months and millions of tax dollars on a bogus impeachment. She tore up Trump’s SOTU address. And she ignored the virus outbreak until it was too late.

During a recent interview on CNN, she was asked about Trump’s usage of hydroxychloroquine. Instead of commending the president for proactively guarding his health, she called him “morbidly obese.” Wow. That’s pretty low, even for a partisan hack.

Nancy’s got nothing left. She has no political clout. She can’t motivate anyone to get anything done. She has no influence with the most important man in the country. So, she resorts to ugly, stupid insults.

This is how Trump responded.

Trump, when asked about Pelosi’s derogatory comment, said, “I don’t respond to her, I think she’s a waste of time.”

Later, when talking about the political games that Democrats have played in recent years, Trump said, “These people are sick. Pelosi is a sick woman, she’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems. We’re dealing with people that have to get their act together for the good of the country.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Now, that’s something. Trump both took the high road and destroyed Pelosi at the same time.

Given his reputation for throwing his own jabs, I’m sure some people expected Trump to hammer crater-faced Pelosi. There are more than a few things Trump can say about this ancient hag. Yet instead, he drops an entirely different bomb on her: he says she’s a “waste of time.”

Later on, he discussed House Democrats, saying they and Pelosi are “sick.” It’s not the first time Trump has called out Pelosi, suggesting she’s “crazy” or has mental problems. It’s a pretty ominous criticism for the president to make.

Trump is an expert at picking out a detail about his rivals and hammering it home. He called Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe,” long before anyone was talking about the former VP’s mental decline. Now, we have plenty of interviews, clips, and appearances of Joe, showcasing his “sleepy” brain.

What should we conclude about Trump’s comments about Pelosi? Is she a “sick woman” with “mental problems”?

Well, she did tell the country she thought Trump was morbidly obese. Even CNN had to fact check that, proving that he was, in fact, not. Pelosi showed off her $24,000 fridge packed with gourmet ice cream, during a crisis where many Americans lost their jobs. She tore up the president’s speech immediately after he gave it—a speech in which he honored American heroes and celebrated American excellence.

Pelosi kept the House shut down during the pandemic, only to unveil the worst piece of legislation we’ve seen in years. She wants to use the virus crisis as an excuse to bail out wasteful states, give cash (and voting power) to illegal aliens, and give her rich liberal buddies tax breaks.

So… yeah, I’m thinking the woman’s pretty sick. Time and again she proves it.

At least Trump didn’t lay into her Botoxed face. That would have really torched her.

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