Petty governors across the country are needlessly hurting their people by extending lockdowns. Despite the data proving lockdowns are deadly, these liberal governors are dooming their states and economies. Americans are saying no more. A group of patriots are defying Gov. Whitmer’s bogus order with “Operation Haircut.”

It was mildly reasonable for states to issues “stay at home” orders back in March, when worries about COVID-19 were at a fevered pitch. But today? We’ve seen cases drop like a sack of potatoes. The economic problems created by these orders are far, far worse than the virus itself. Many have demanded a reopening, with measures in place to protect the elderly.

Many states are opening up, but some insist on staying locked down. Honestly, these Democrat governors have little excuse at this point. They are doing it out of spite against their own residents (that’s always a winning strategy!).

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer—whose name has been floated as Joe Biden’s VP pick—imposed unreasonable lockdowns from the very start. When Americans began to demand freedom, she only made them worse. It’s painfully obvious this woman is unqualified to lead an ice cream stand, let alone a government. She is behaving like a bitter, angry ex-wife, punishing her people because they dared to ask for their lives back.

Lawsuits are aplenty in the state of Michigan. And more will come. But Americans are no longer waiting for their leaders to grant them their rights back. Protests have become common in the state and the latest one stabs right at Gretchen herself.

Anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Lansing on the lawn of the Michigan state capitol Wednesday to get a haircut.

With barbershops and salons closed indefinitely due to the state’s coronavirus lockdown, barbers are scheduled to cut hair on the capitol lawn for three hours Wednesday afternoon. The protest, called “operation haircut,” was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, and is the latest example of Michiganders clashing with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has enacted some of the strictest coronavirus restrictions in the nation. [Source: Daily Caller]

We’re are well past the time when lockdowns seemed even remotely needed. Data suggests at best, they did nothing to “slow the spread.” At worst, they only sped up transmission, as it locked up sick people with healthy ones—and prevented people from enjoying fresh air and sunlight (which kills the disease).

Countless doctors have warned about the massive fallout from prolonged lockdowns: a health crisis that would be many magnitudes higher than COVID-19. The good news is most states are opening up (some faster than others). But states like Michigan, Oregon, and Illinois are being run by dictators. Even the courts are warring with their pathetic excuses for governors.

American patriots had to protest, just to get a haircut. Just think about how absurd that is. A basic freedom, to go out and patron a business, is being denied by our governors. Show me in our laws where that is allowed? And show me one decent police officer who would arrest an American for simply want to earn a living?

Gov. Whitmer is treating hard-working, law-abiding Michiganders like hardened criminals. She, like so many other Democrats, is letting out crooks but hurting barbers. Can anyone in their right mind justify that?

This isn’t about fighting the disease. If you track the decisions Democrats have made from the start, you see they are just trying to use the pandemic to aggressively push their agenda. An agenda they’ve wanted to push for years.

House Democrats want trillions to fund radical programs. Local Democrats tried to shut down churches and gun stores, while keeping abortion clinics open. They threatened to cut off power and water to anyone that opened their businesses. They tried to restrict travel, force people into their homes, while releasing dangerous criminals.

All these actions are part of the left’s agenda to plunge the nation into chaos—while turning it into a socialist dictatorship. None of it has to do with battling a disease.

Months ago, I said there would be uprising and resistance. If governors like Whitmer continue to act like lunatics, this is very much just the beginning.

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