After bombshell revelations came out over the Flynn case, several Senate committees have launched investigations into the Obama administration. Pelosi and House Democrats immediately complained, accusing the Senate of wasting time. McConnell was ready, boys. And he blasted her with the facts.

The Obama administration-led investigation into Russia collusions is a long and tangled web. But it boils down to this: Obama’s FBI and DOJ used their power during and after the 2016 Election to interfere with our democracy. They went after members of Trump’s campaign and incoming administration, hoping to build a case against the president himself.

None of it was based on an actual crime or evidence of a crime. It appears they did it, simply because they did not want Trump becoming president. With new evidence released that casts a dark shadow over the FBI’s case against Flynn, Republicans in the Senate took steps to launch their own investigations.

Senators are looking into how Obama’s FBI conducted itself, going as far back as January 2016.

Pelosi and Democrats are understandably terrified. They don’t want Americans knowing anything that might further tarnish their corrupt, broken party’s reputation. Pelosi attacked Republicans, saying these investigations are a waste of time. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thought that was cute—and destroyed her.

McConnell dismissed Pelosi’s comments given the length of time the House spent on impeachment under her leadership.

“I’d say to the speaker, after the impeachment, you — you’re not in a position to be lecturing us about what the appropriate use of Senate time is,” he said. “The House of Representatives is arguing before the Supreme Court that they’re still looking at yet another impeachment. They’re arguing that before the Supreme Court this week. Look, this is the legitimate oversight responsibility of the Senate.” [Source: Breitbart]

Ice cream-eating, drunken Pelosi doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she accuses the Senate of “wasting time.” House Democrats spent months on a bogus impeachment inquiry. From around September 2019, all the way to February of this year, we had to deal with their idiotic scheme. Instead of working to help America—perhaps investigate that odd virus emerging at the time in China—House Democrats pushed their Ukrainian narrative.

All for it to fail, when the Senate acquitted President Trump.

McConnell made it clear that there “was a lot of apparent misbehavior going on in the opening of those investigations into General Flynn and others.” Two committees, led by Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham respectively, are acquiring documents and testimony to get to the bottom of it.

If there’s nothing there, then Pelosi and the Dems have nothing to worry about. But… there’s probably something there. Obama’s DOJ used Clinton’s bogus dossier to lie to the FISA court to get a warrant on Carter Page. They wiretapped Michael Flynn and set him up so he’d get fired. That’s only for starters. More documents have been released that reveal many top Obama officials were behind the scheme. Obama himself might have been calling the shots.

What these Senate committees might undercover could shake Washington to its core. It might erode whatever’s left of Obama’s legacy and the reputation of the Democrats. Even presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden might get pulled into all this.

Of course, the Democrats want to fight it. But after all they’ve done—to waste our time and money—all because they dislike Trump? They really can’t say anything.

Let’s hope the Senate finds the smoking gun that dooms this party for generations to come.

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