President Trump called out the Democrat governor of North Carolina that he’d move the GOP convention if he didn’t give him a firm answer. Despite that, the governor continues to play games, perhaps hoping to interfere with the Republican event. A Democrat from Charlotte openly said the convention would not happen. Now, Trump is giving the state a short deadline to make up its mind.

The Republican National Convention is slated to occur on August 24, in Charlotte, NC. But like so many other states ruled by a Democrat dictator, the governor has not been open about what will happen. Most states have clear plans for reopening after the pandemic, including plans to restart large events. But the Democrat governor of North Carolina refuses to give Trump a straight answer: will the GOP be able to hold their event or not?

You can imagine that a Democrat governor would not want the convention to happen. Why would he cooperate with a party he hates and a president he does not want to win? But giving Trump a clear answer today would mean the GOP could quickly change plans and move to a more accommodating city. The governor’s refusal appears more like a scheme to spoil the entire event.

Now, a local councilman is blaming COVID-19, saying the convention cannot happen.

Democrat Charlotte City Councilman Larken Egleston said Monday there was “no way” the GOP convention scheduled to take place August 24 could go on as planned due to the coronavirus. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s pretty idiotic to think that the country should remain in partial lockdown by August, but that is what this local councilman is saying. It’s hard not to believe this partisan Democrat is just making excuses. But the president is not playing games. He intends to hold the convention. And he’s giving the governor a deadline.

President Trump warned on Tuesday that North Carolina’s governor has “a week” to figure out if the Republicans’ presidential nominating convention can be held in Charlotte this summer, as other states offered to hold the gathering instead. [Source: Fox News]

The governor is clearly playing for time. He doesn’t want to give the president a straight answer, so he’s saying he wants “in writing” the Republicans’ plan to deal with COVID-19. Bogus. We are already seeing cases drop. Hospitalizations and deaths are in rapid decline. By mid-June, most people won’t even be talking about COVID-19. For anyone to think it will be a major problem by August, they are simply ignoring the data.

But is not about the virus, this is about petty Democrats trying to interfere with Trump’s campaign. They’ve been doing that since 2016. Frequently, Democrats in local cities and states have tried to mess with Trump’s historic rallies. They’ve hit the campaign with last minute, massive “security” fees. Democrats have tried to deny the Trump campaign from access to buildings and venues. These pathetic liberals think they can strongarm Trump, hoping to prevent the massive momentum that continues to bring him success.

Already, numerous states have encouraged Trump to move the convention. Georgia and Florida have offered venues for the big event. You can except many leaders would love to see the convention hosted at one of their cities. A huge event like this means a big injection of cash into the local economy. What leader wouldn’t want to see that happen, after months of stagnation?

Honestly, Trump shouldn’t have to bother with this joke of a governor. There are plenty of better places to host the RNC, other than Charlotte, NC. Let some worthy city gobble up those millions of dollars in revenue.

When the people of North Carolina are outraged that they missed out, they have only one person to blame: Roy Cooper.

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