Democrats across the country have been pushing mail-in voting as a result of COVID-19. They claim it’s “too dangerous” for Americans to vote in November, despite all 50 states reopening. In Texas, Democrats tried to let voters request ballots, simply because they didn’t have the disease. But the Texas Supreme Court had a different take on the matter.

Why is mail-in voting so dangerous? After all, most election boards use the mail to get you registered. For years, Americans unable to vote in person used absentee ballots. Why shouldn’t we wholesale move the entire thing over to mail-in voting?

Because Democrats have been trying to cheat the system for years. These are the same people who oppose voter ID laws, meaning anyone can show up and pretend to be someone they’re not. Mail-in voting eliminates that one, thin line of accountability. Anyone can take a ballot from someone’s mailbox and fill it out themselves. And that’s just for starters.

You could imagine that in Texas, mail-in voting would be opposed strongly by the local government. But they do have a system that lets people request mail-in ballots. Only if they are disabled or over 65. Democrats wanted to change the rules, so that anyone that isn’t immune to COVID-19 can claim they are disabled.

But the Texas Supreme Court struck it down.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a lack of immunity to the coronavirus does not qualify as a disability under state law for requesting a mail-in ballot.

The all Republican-court agreed with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who had filed a petition to order local officials to follow state laws regarding mail-in ballots after a Court of Appeals ruled to allow anyone in Travis County to request a ballot, according to FOX 7 in Austin.

President Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that mail-in voting is associated with widespread voter fraud, tweeted after the ruling.

“Big win in Texas on the dangerous Mail In Voting Scam!” the president wrote. [Source: Fox News]

If someone does have COVID-19 by the time of the election, they can request a mail-in ballot. But not having the disease cannot be considered a disability by any stretch of the imagination. You can see how Democrats were trying to cheat the system, to open up the possibility of voter fraud.

If anyone could receive a ballot because they aren’t immune to COVID-19, then expect a flood of requests across the state. Thousands of people would suddenly want a mail-in ballot, despite having an actual disability.

But these wouldn’t be honest-to-goodness Americans, wanted to participate in our democracy. It could very well be Democrat activists who are simply harvesting mail-in ballots, to fill out as they please.

Don’t think they would do it? This is the same party that impeached Trump over a phone call. Of course, they would do it.

There is a slim chance mail-in voting could work, if state election boards managed it very strictly. If they knew ballots were being delivered directly to the right people. If they could ensure nobody would intercept them or coerce people into voting for someone. If they knew the Post Office would never misdeliver or lose a ballot and get them all in on time.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yeah, seems pretty hard. Perhaps having a system where voters go to a designated place to vote, where they have the freedom and privacy to select the candidate of their choice, and they can watch as their vote gets counted is the way to go.

Oh, that’s what we already have. It’s called an election.

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