As violent riots spread across the country, entitled liberals encourage them from the comfort of their homes. An NBA sports writer cheered on the burning of a low-income project, celebrating the destruction. But when word spread that the riots were reaching his rich, gated community, he changed his tune.

No America should applaud riots that are hurting fellow Americans. The protests were originally about demanding justice for a slain black man. That suggests this is about defending and supporting black Americans, right?

So, it would make sense that if these protests turn violent—and end up hurting black Americans—we should condemn them. But not if you’re an out-of-touch, arrogant liberal. Many of them have taken to social media to voice their “support” of violent protests that have destroyed businesses, buildings, and endangered lives.

One of them is a sports writer for the NBA.

On Thursday night, Chris Martin Palmer responded to a photo of a burning building in Minneapolis by writing, “Burn that s**t down. Burn it all down.”

Shortly after the attack on the building happened, reports surfaced indicating that the building was an affordable housing unit that was being built for those living in poverty. [Source: Daily Wire]

This idiot applauded the destruction of a building that was going to provide 189 apartments for low-income renters. He was literally cheering terrible harm against blacks and minorities.

But, hey, who cares, right? These liberal hypocrites can say whatever they want and not suffer the consequences. When it all dies down, nobody will hold them accountable for what they said—or incited.

Except, soon after Palmer celebrated the violence, something happened.

Palmer’s tone about the riots began to change as the week continued to progress and the riots apparently ended up getting somewhat close to where he is located.

On Friday, Palmer tweeted: “Yo! There’s gonna be a rally near my house tomorrow. They never have rallies in rich neighborhoods. I’m scared to go! I don’t want to be around people.”

…On Saturday, Palmer became much more aggressive in voicing his opposition to the riots.

“I’m as down for the cause as anybody. Any of you clowns thinking you’re gonna loot The Grove or Rodeo Drive. It will not work out well for you,” Palmer wrote. “Trying to loot Rodeo Drive is probably the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. I’m as angry as everyone else. But keep that shit in DTLA.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh! I see, Chris. One rule for me, but not for thee? As the riots were moving to rich, Hollywood neighbors, suddenly Palmer was very upset. He told people he was once applauded to “keep that shit” away from his rich community.

What!? Looters on Rodeo Drive? Rioters hitting gated communities near him? That can’t be right, eh Chris? This stuff only happens in Downtown Los Angeles, far away for your precious home. You can watch it all day on the news, dropping your tweet nuggets. But when it even gets close to your house, your suddenly righteously opposed to violence.

Now, Palmer is saying violence, “kills the movement and disgraces George Floyd.” He went on to demand the cops “get these animals TF out of my neighborhood.” Damn, Palmer. Don’t you care about black lives?

Shouldn’t these “animals” be allowed to kick down your door and do what they like to your home and family? You didn’t seem to mind them burning down someone else’s home. Why the change?

Good news for Palmer, those “animals” were driven away when local security called the cops. He gets to enjoy his “beautiful, safe community” once again. But not those folks who live in the inner city, whom he ignored when he encouraged violence.

I’d say he and other liberals learned a lesson, but come on. They haven’t. They will continue this trend of hypocrisy, inflicting harm on others—while expecting special treatment for themselves.

It’s high time we exposed every last one of them for their hypocrisy, until they grow up.

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