It’s no secret that Democrats are encouraging the riots and destruction. In fact, Joe Biden’s campaign has bailed out numerous people who rioted and looted across America. President Trump has a different take. And several of his staff decided to put their money to a better cause.

We recently told you about how idiotic pop star Justin Timberlake encouraged Americans to shell out their hard-earned cash to bail out rioters. These thugs burned black-owned businesses and looted stores. But Democrats have been spending money to get them quickly out of jail and back on the streets.

Even numerous staff on Joe Biden’s campaign team have bailed out Antifa thugs. It’s almost, as if, these liberals want our cities to burn!

Much like their argument over illegal immigration, Democrats are unwilling to differentiate between peaceful protestors and rioters. Because to them, they’re one and the same. Democrats think it’s right for people—upset about the death of an innocent man—to punish people totally unrelated to the event. Liberals want to see our streets on fire, homes destroyed, and livelihoods wrecked.

That’s not how conservatives see it. Sen. Ted Cruz called out Timberlake’s’ stupidity, saying that Americans should instead work to restore communities damaged by these riots. And that’s just what members of Trump’s campaign have been doing.

Minneapolis firefighter Korboi “KB” Balla’s dream to open a sports bar was almost extinguished.

But thanks to a GoFundMe page that exploded with contributions – and an assist from members of President Trump’s re-election campaign — Balla’s dream may still come true.

At least two dozen staff members from the campaign — including campaign manager Brad Parscale — have also sent donations…

Balla’s initial open date in March had to be pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic. He was ready to finally open his doors in June, but that plan came to a crashing halt when rioters destroyed his business last week…

But nearly $1 million from nearly 9,500 contributions has been raised since a GoFundMe page was set up on Thursday for Balla. [Source: Fox News]

Thirteen members of Joe Biden’s campaign donated to a group that gets protestors—the people who burned down Balla’s bar—out of jail. But Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, and other members of his team have given to help Balla rebuild his dreams.

At the time of this writing, nearly 34,000 people have donated to the GoFundMe, raising over a million dollars. You better believe the attention Trump’s campaign staff gave to this fundraiser encouraged more Americans to give.

As Democrats encourage violence and destruction, real Americans are working to rebuild. Countless stories have spread online of protestors and cops walking together hand in hand. Videos and pictures of people banding together to rebuild communities have spread like wildfire. It appears only a handful of paid anarchists are encouraging the destruction.

The rest of the country? Well, they’re eager to do the right thing.

The big question we’re left with is: why does it appear that Joe Biden is on the side of the anarchists? Why is his campaign paying to get criminals out of jail? Why isn’t he encouraging others to rebuild and protect our communities?

It’s not a secret. Democrat operatives were behind the chaos from the start. They instigated the riots, hoping to spread fear and anger. They are the force that seeks to divide this country. And when we refuse to obey them, they try to burn our cities to the ground.

I think the choice this November is pretty clear. Either we support a man working to rebuild the country, or a man that will sit back and let our country burn.

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