Audio clips are being posted from President Trump’s conference call with governors that took place Monday morning. The media said Trump was “unhinged.” Listen and decide. Update: Link to complete audio at end.

Listen for yourself:

CNN clip transcribed by TGP:

Trump: “What happened in the state of Minnesota, they were (garbled) stuff all over the world. They took over the police department. The police were running down the street, sirens blazing, the rest of them running. It was on camera. And then they wiped out, you probably have to build a new one. But I’ve never seen anything like it. And the whole world was laughing.

“Two days later I spoke to the governor, the governor (garbled) and all of a sudden, I said you gotta use the National Guard to take over, they didn’t at first and then they did. And I’ll tell you I don’t know what it was, governor, it the third night, fourth night those guys walked through that stuff like it was butter. They walked right through and you haven’t had any problems since. I mean, they know. They’re not gonna go there, now they’ll go to some other place. But once you called out and you dominated, you took the worst place and you made it, they didn’t even cover it last night because there was so little action. You dominated, you dominated.

“Now what happened to New York, and I have to tell you I live in Manhattan, what’s going on in Manhattan I have no idea. New York’s Finest, they got to be allowed to maybe to do their jobs. I don’t know what’s happening in Manhattan, but it’s terrible. And because it’s New York, because it’s Manhattan it gets a lot of press, so they really spend a lot of time on it.

“But New York is gonna have to toughen up and we’ll send you National Guard if you want. You have the largest police force in the country, 40,000 people I understand. But what’s going on in New York is terrible. It’s terrible. Of all the places.

“What went on last night in Los Angeles with the stores and the storefronts is terrible. No domination. You have to dominate. (Garbled).”


Vice clip transcribed by TGP:

“We’re strongly looking for arrests, you have to get much tougter. We’re going to get over it. I know Governor Walz is on the phone and we spoke and uh, I fully agree with they way he handled it the last couple of days. I asked him to do that. And a lot of men, We have a lot of men, all the men and women that you need, but people aren’t calling them up. You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time. They’re gonna run all over you. You’ll look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.

“And you have to arrest people and you have to try people and they have to go to jail for long periods of time.

“I saw what happened in Philadelphia. I saw what happened in Dallas where they kicked a guy to death. I don’t know if he died or not but if he didn’t it’s a miracle. What they did to him, they were kicking him like I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. People don’t talk about that, they don’t talk about that. They’re talking about a lot of other things but they don’t talk about that. But I saw what happened in Dallas. And those kids, they’re all on camera, the wise guys.

“And it’s coming from the radical left. You know it. Everybody knows it. But it’s also looters and it’s people that figure they can get free stuff by running into stores and running out with television sets. I saw it, the kid has a lot of stuff, he puts it in the back of a brand new car and drives off.

“You have everyone of these guys on tape. Why aren’t you prosecuting ’em? Now the harder you are, the tougher you are the less likely it is you’re gonna be hit.

“It’s a movement. We found out they’re delivering supplies to various places and various states, you people know about it now. But we found out many things, it’s like a movement. And it’s a movement that if you don’t put it down it’ll get worse and worse. This is like Occupy Wall Street. It was a disaster until one day somebody said, “That’s enough!”


Author: Kristinn Taylor

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Audio of President Trump Call With Governors on Riots; Media Says ‘Unhinged’, Listen and Decide

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