Weeks ago, President Trump called on the governor of North Carolina to give him a straight answer on the GOP’s August convention. He said that if Roy Cooper couldn’t promise they would be able to hold a full event, he’d have to move it. The governor appeared to refuse to answer the president adequately. So, Trump made an announcement.

Across the country the lockdowns that have harmed so many are largely lifted. In various states, phased reopening’s have been going on since May. In many parts, life has almost returned to normal. Even in strict liberal states, the stay-at-home orders are giving way to managed reopening’s. Along with that, we have seen a serious drop in COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations.

Yet the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, refused to give Trump a straight answer about the Republican National Convention in August. The event was to be held in Charlotte, late in the summer. It would bring thousands of attendees, which would mean millions in revenue for the city. It seems the governor does not want that injection of cash (even after months of stagnation).

So, the president was forced to make a move.

President Trump announced late Tuesday that Republicans are “forced” to seek another state to host their convention, saying North Carolina’s governor was “still in Shelter-In-Place Mode” and had “refused to guarantee that we can have use of the Spectrum Arena” in Charlotte, despite earlier assurances.

The president didn’t name an alternative venue. Earlier in the day, GOP officials said they had started visiting potential alternative sites after Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, told them the coronavirus pandemic required them to prepare for a scaled-back event if they wanted to hold it in Charlotte…

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, one of the recipients of Cooper’s letter, accused him of “dragging his feet” on giving them guidance for proceeding with convention plans. [Source: Fox News]

The governor of North Carolina claimed the GOP refused to scale down the most important event of the year. Scale down? This is the Republican National Convention, where they nominate their candidate to run for president. Should they really bow to the whims of a power-hungry liberal governor, over mostly nothing?

Will anyone even be talking about COVID-19 by then? News flash, we’ve already moved on! Cases are down nationwide. By late summer it will mostly be a memory. A convention can still implement basic safety measures, while still hosting the full event.

If you can’t see this as just a petty ploy by a Democrat to interfere with a Republican event, you ain’t paying attention. Democrats are foaming at the mouth to get rid of Trump. They have done everything in their power to insult, slander, undermine, and derail his leadership. Why wouldn’t Roy Cooper use the virus as an excuse to disrupt the GOP’s biggest convention?

The writing was on the wall from the very start. President Trump and the GOP did the smart thing pulling out. Already states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas are clamoring to host the event. It will be very easy for GOP leaders to pick a better venue quickly.

Because of Cooper’s pettiness, the people of North Carolina can say goodbye to booming business, just when they needed it. But hey, you elected the idiot. A Republican governor would have never shut down an event as important as a National Convention. He would have made sure the full event could go on, with reasonable measures in place to prevent infection.

Maybe the people of North Carolina should rethink their choice in leaders?

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