The city of Minneapolis was rocked by night after night of violent protests and looting. Countless businesses were destroyed by fires set by professional arsonists. Worse than the riots is the city council’s plan to disband the police, ensuring more violence and chaos in the future. Now, the first business—a major employer—announced it’s leaving after 30 years.

You really have to wonder what kind of evil, Democratic operative told liberals that defunding the police was a good idea. In the aftermath of violent riots that rocked so many America cities, the left announces it wants to make it easier for riots like this to happen. Innocent civilians were killed, beaten, or lost their livelihoods. Yet Democrats think the solution is for there to be less cops keeping the streets safe.

Minneapolis was undoubtedly the worst hit. Numerous businesses were torched by the Antifa-incited chaos. The city’s leaders had no idea how to stop the madness. Only when Trump sent in the National Guard was peace restored. Yet these same city leaders think the city will be better off, with zero cops.

A manufacturer whose facility was burned to ground has had enough. In light of the “abolish the cops” movement, they are leaving the city. And taking their jobs with them.

The owner of a manufacturing company in Minneapolis that was burned to the ground during last week’s violent riots has announced that he is relocating his company, taking dozens of jobs out of the city, due to the failure of the city’s Democrat leaders to protect businesses.

“They don’t care about my business,” Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc., told the Star Tribune. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

As he watched a nearby business burn to the ground, Wyrobek noted, “The fire engine was just sitting there, but they wouldn’t do anything.” [Source: Daily Wire]

A staggering 1,000 properties in Minneapolis were damaged over just a few nights of riots. Estimates of the cost of the damage exceed $500 million. To add a BIG insult to injury, the city announced the future will be much worse, when there are no cops to help battle crime.

What company in their right mind would stay? Wyrobek’s business was literally burned to the ground. There is nothing left. He said never in his “wildest nightmare” did he think this could happen. But why should he go spend the time, labor, and money to rebuild, only for it to be destroyed six months from now?

If the city of Minneapolis is really intent on disbanding the police, don’t think this is the last business to leave. The Democrats that run that city are ensuring that those residents who stick around (because they can’t afford to leave) will be left with a city rampant with poverty and overrun with crime. This is exactly what happened after the race riots of the 60s and 70s. Business owners left cities like Detroit and Chicago.

And they never recovered.

Considering the massive destruction of the Minneapolis riots, I predict the exodus will be much worse. Major corporations like Target won’t bother to rebuild. Smaller companies like 7-Sigma will quickly leave. It a very short order, there will not only be few jobs left for residents, but fewer places like grocery stores, shopping centers, or even doctors’ offices.

The city council of Minneapolis basically said residents will be on their own. No cops to protect them. No reason for criminals to be afraid of looting, breaking and entering, killing, and worse. If you’re a reasonable human being who valuers his life or business, you’re probably planning to leave already.

Because as bad as the city is right now, it will get much worse when there are no cops around to protect you.

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